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We are delighted to encourage all lovers of nature to explore the Madolduwa with us. With the help of our first-rate service, you may discover the mangroves and the biological diversity of the Madolduwa. The Madolduwa in Koggala is the ideal spot if you also want to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka, and we are the best safari service in the region. If you want to get away from the pressures of everyday life and appreciate the beauty of nature, Madolduwa is one of the places you really must go. We currently have the means to seek shelter and food, as well as to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Madolduwa. Get in touch with us right away to experience the grandeur of the Madolduwa and a distinctive method of therapy. You may expertly plan your family holiday with our assistance. We put a lot of effort into providing excellent service for the price you pay since we like to make your family's stay unforgettable. Our aim is to support you. The tours and activities we have planned will make your time with us the best one ever. Our team has years of expertise guiding excursions on the stunning Madolduwa, making them more than qualified to give you the ride of a lifetime.


Tourists from all over the world visit Sri Lanka to visit places like Koggala. Koggala is located on Sri Lanka's southern coast. Martin Wickramasinghe, a former famous writer, lived at Koggala Museum. Koggala has a rich culture, customs, and people. Koggala is an excellent destination for visitors interested in Sinhala culture and tradition. The Koggala museum is made up of wood, furniture, traditional masks, and folk dancer costumes. Boat trips in the lagoon and Koggala lake allow visitors to explore other tiny islands and the bio diversity surrounding the Koggala site. Koggala is an excellent location for bird watching. Hundreds of birds come to roost in the evening.

Tourist Attraction in Koggala “MADOLDUWA”

Madol Duwa is yet another island that rose to prominence as a result of the Madol Duwa book. Martin Wickramasinghe wrote this novel. Martin Wickramasinghe is regarded as the most famous writer of the late twentieth century. Upali, Jinna, Ranadewa, Dangadasa, and Siripala are central to the plot. The story elaborates on their struggle to succeed in their lives on the deserted island of Madol Duwa. In 1976, the story was adapted into a film. Koggala Lake is a large, unspoiled lake just a few kilometers from town. Evening bird watching is breathtaking. Prawns and birds abound throughout the lagoon. It will, in fact, be a relaxing experience. Pol Oya, Sri Lanka's largest natural lake, is made up of eight small islands. You are pampered with the opportunity to see various species of mangrove swamps. It has been discovered that approximately ten of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. There are seven islands accessible from Pol Oya. These islands can be found on your way to Madol Duwa. Kathduwa is the first island. Obviously, the location was used by the Japanese to land seaplanes during World War II. Seaplanes from Nuwara Eliya or Marawila can still land here. Sekku gala, the well-explained in the Madol Duwa novel, is still on the Madol Duwa Island.

A turtle hatchery is located on the outskirts of Koggala city. It was built with the intention of preserving and promoting Sri Lankan tourism. The hatchery has been working to save turtles since 1996. Turtles are interested in laying eggs along Sri Lanka's coastline. They educate the community and visitors about the importance of turtle conservation.


We are available from 6:00 till 18:00. The customer can choose from those times. You can enjoy a pleasant 30-minute boat cruise around Madolduwa. Your safety will be taken care of by our experienced guide, who will also provide you with a 10-safety jacket. Visitors can enjoy nature's colorful brushstrokes on the sky as well as the birds returning to their nests after a day of exploration. Mesmerizing


Our boat is 2.2 meters wide and 5.8 meters long with 15 HP capacity engine.Ten persons can be moved simultaneously. easy to use the beauty of the environment can easily be appreciated depending on the type of production. This boat's hull is constructed of fiberglass. One of the most well-liked and well-known technologies in the world is fiberglass technology. lightweight design, in other words. Fiberglass boats are often lighter than boats built of wood and other materials. Because they weigh on average more than aluminum boats, fiberglass boats tend to be more stable and have greater seakeeping qualities. Considering that fiberglass boats are heavier and less susceptible to wind buffeting, they drift more slowly and persistently. A fiberglass boat gives a solid and silent operating on the water, even when going through choppy seas and harsh weather. Your boat's bottom or sides don't make a loud "lapping" noise like an aluminum or wooden boat would when water strikes them. This stops you from yelling at someone on the opposite side of the boat as you and your friends and family are enjoying your favorite water sport. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about security.

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Manufacturer : Blue Start Yachts
Model : Custom Model
Length (meters) : 5.8
Width (meters) : 2.2
Engine: in HP : 15
Max Auth. Capacity: 10

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