Why Use KaterBlue Platform

Why Use KaterBlue Platform

There are several good reasons why to use the KaterBlue platform. One could think of the variety in charter offers, the tours, the entertainment and other activities. The opportunity to learn, to work in shipping or yachting and to test and eventually purchase one of the boats listed on our platform. In more detail, here are the reasons why boat users will profit from chartering through the KaterBlue platform:

Variety in charters: Our boat owners have different ways in which to charter their vessels to the public. Providing you have the required qualifications bareboat offers are ideal for seasoned or aspiring captains, while charters with crew and captain are especially great for unexperienced charterers, for a day out with work, or a few days with the family.

Variety in tours/activities: A great many boat tours and other fun activities can be found on our website. Search in your area for the most beautiful bay tours, the most exciting surfing adventures or the most thrilling diving experiences.

Building sea miles/experience: All the sea miles that you make during a KaterBlue charter will add up to your total number. Besides working on one of the open passages listed on the website, you can charter a boat and gain a bunch of experience in one go.

Opportunity to test and buy boats: If you are looking to buy a boat or yacht, but you find it a difficult choice to make, KaterBlue can be a great help. You cannot only choose from hundreds if not thousands of vessels that fit your preferences and braod area, you can also test them out, for as long as you decide the charter to be, and consequently making the best informed choice possible.