Marine Products & Installations

Alongside our core business model of yacht charters, crewing and sales, we also offer marine products and installations service. 

The service includes supplying and site-installation for any marine products you order like;

  • boat trailors
  • boat ramps
  • boat pontoons
  • jetski pontoons
  • seaside house with yacht mooring
  • bookings for boating fairs

We are also a exclusive distributor of marine pontoons for hotels, marinas etc. 

We are soon getting a wide-range of this service listings online here at KaterBlue for you to check on and order the service you would like be delivered along with our expert installation service around the world. 

Pontoon & Docks
See our wide range of marine pontoon and dock product supplies and installation services for marinas, hotels, resorts, fishing ports etc, here.
Marine products & Installation services
Checkout some of our marine dock-pontoon products and installation service featured on our website.