Boat Owners & Yacht Managers

Boat Owners & Yacht Managers

For those who own a boat, KaterBlue is highly advantageous. Besides being able to rent out your vessel through our platform, boat and yacht owners have some great assets as opposed to other boat rental websites. The main reasons why you as a boat owner should create a KaterBlue profile are: 

Advertise your boat for free: Making a KaterBlue account is 100% free and is open to anyone. Boat owners can list their vessel on our platform to be discovered by millions of nautical enthusiasts. There is no advertising fee and no contract. KaterBlue will take a reasonable commission only when the boat owner makes money via a boat charter or a boat sale. 

Turn your boat into a source of income: Boating can be an expensive hobby. Especially owning a boat yourself can be a costly due to harbor fees, maintenance and other factors. KaterBlue enables you to turn your vessel into a steady stream of income. Make money with what you love - namely the water - make new like minded friends and put your boat to good use. You can put your skills into practice by renting out your boat and your time to recreationists and be their skipper for as long as the charter lasts. You can also offer to work as a skipper for people who actually need a captain and a boat for professional reasons. 


Find amateur or professional crew: Do you need to find crew for a boat a boat delivery. For example, have you finished the season in the Mediterranean and need to cross the Atlantic for the season in Florida? Or, bring the boat from Gibraltar to Stockholm? Do you need an extra pair of hands making a passage from point A to point B? Are you participating in a race, just some cruising time or maybe you need to unload a cargo underway and pick up a new one? In other words, do you need a crew and/or an extra captain? KaterBlue helps you to quickly find a good match for your crewing requirements. It will match the best crew and/or captain for any shipping work you can think of. Our open passage system allows you and any potential crew members to find each other. 

Sell your boat: In the end, the most rewarding feature of KaterBlue is the option to put your boat up for sale. You can charter out your boat first to potential buyers in order for them to have time to try out and get used to the vessel. By doing so, they will realize that they are making the most informed choice possible, which increases the likelihood of them making the purchase.