About us

About us

Who we are & what we do?

Do you love the silver sunbeams reflecting in the waves, the wind gently stroking your cheek, thrilling journeys and vast horizons? A warm welcome to KaterBlue, the number one website for nautical leisure and work! Are you looking to charter a boat or yacht, or are you pursuing other fun and challenging activities on the water like jet skiing, surfing or diving? Do you have expertise as a skipper, sailor, or even as a seafood cook? Are you eager to offer your services? Or are you trying to gather the necessary amount of qualifying sea miles for the Yachtmaster, MCA Mates, MCA Master exam. Are you a skipper looking for crew? Or perhaps you own a vessel which you want to rent out for an afternoon, for a week or eventually even to sell? In all those cases, you have come to the right address! KaterBlue brings together charterers and boat owners, experienced skippers and captains with those who wish to learn and gain from their experience, boating enthusiast, boat buyers and boat sellers, with one common thread; the water. KaterBlue is for you – the lover of the Big Blue!

What is boat & yacht exchange?

The concept of boat exchange is rather straightforward, elegant is its simplicity. Certain people look for boats, certain other people own boats, and KaterBlue connect these two groups. Instead of turning to overpriced agencies or maritime training centres with burdening fees, boat users can easily find and charter their ideal vessel at the time and place they desire, without obstacles, without further obligations, directly from the boat owner. Think of it like a kind of Airbnb or Uber, but for boats and yachts. You have a certain date in mind, a certain location – be it your home town, be it an exotic destination – and maybe other preferences like the type of boat, a captain and crew and, of course, the price. With these parameters set, you click KaterBlue’s search button and in seconds you will be presented with the range of possibilities which fit your desires. The entire process literally takes only few clicks. For boat and yacht owners, KaterBlue is equally advantageous. Most owners use their vessel only occasionally; when they are free from their work and other obligations and the weather is on their side. The rest of the year, the boat or yacht is docked somewhere, draining finances in the shape of costly harbor & marina dues, maintenance and sometimes compulsory membership of a boat club. Other times, they just have not found sufficient crew to take the boat out. This has led many boat and yacht owners to view their boat or yacht no longer as a source of joy, but as a source of worry. KaterBlue changes all that. When boat owners are not hitting the waves themselves, they can easily charter out their boat to others or take boat enthusiasts out to sea, which turns the idle, financially burdensome vessel into a new generator of income. This fresh impulse is potentially life changing, putting off plans for a dreaded forced sale of one’s boat or yacht, and reigniting one’s love for boating and sharing this love with other like minded people.

Why is KaterBlue unique?

While the rise of online Boat & Yacht Exchange impacted the boat chartering industry, KaterBlue has truly revolutionized the world of nautical leisure. Our main, underlying idea is freedom, the freedom to search or offer exactly what suits you and to find a suitable or close match. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardened skipper ready to sail across the ocean or someone who never set foot on a boat before; if you are an adventurer, a boating exam student or just a parent looking for a daytrip with the kids, KaterBlue is intended for people just like you! We facilitate leisure for any demographic, indifferent of age, gender or country. Our freedom and variety is what distinguishes us from other websites. Where most other providers offer either pre-set boat trips or rentals, KaterBlue charterers are free to plan and organize their ideal trip. Whether you want an entire motor yacht for yourself, or you prefer someone else fulfilling the role of skipper, or you choose to charter the vessel complete with captain and crew; the choice is yours. Our large degree of freedom applies also to other types of fun, the possibilities are endless, and only limited by the imagination of the ones offering it. Think of sailing trips along beautiful coastlines, afternoon bay tours, maybe including a seafood lunch, or even fishing, kayaking or surfing lessons. This means that you do not have to be a boat or yacht owner to list an offer on KaterBlue. Do you have a boating certificate, are you a surf instructor, or do you know how to make a great sea food meal? You can offer your services to a worldwide clientele through our unique platform. The KaterBlue concept enables people to single-handedly assemble the ingredients for an unforgettable experience. Captains and crew in training or just looking for more experience, can also benefit from KaterBlue through our open passage system. Someone chartering a boat can indicate that he or she needs help aboard, for example some extra deckhands or even a co-captain. Potential crew can then request to work aboard this boat, and start building the necessary amount of sea miles to partake in a boating exam. It’s up to the boat owner/skipper how much he will charge a trainee for sharing his expertise, skills and of course his boat. Seasoned crew can post their profile and find a paid job usually for longer contracts but sometimes for set passages or deliveries. Finally, KaterBlue provides the opportunity for potential buyers and sellers of boats and yachts to come together in a flexible, open-ended manner. This makes it possible for buyers to try out all kinds of vessels before purchasing their dream boat, and for sellers to easily find a suitable buyer while making a good charter fee at the same time.