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  How can I register as a owner/skipper on KaterBlue?

Registering with KaterBlue is easy with one simple step. You just need a valid email to register. You can use this page by scrolling right at the top, fill in basic details and soon will be redirected to your dashboard. 

  I forgot my Password/ My account was blocked. What should I do ?

Resetting password simply requires you to opt for 'Reset Password' link on your login screen. You will shortly receive a reset password link to your registered email with which you can easily reset it. In case of issues, you can simply write to us or give us a call. 

  How can I confirm my email address or phone number? I did not receive the confirmation email or a text message.

Our stable system ensures you get the confirmation email or text messages within the required time. In case, for some reason you do not receive them, please write to us or give us a call. We will fix it for you. 

  Is my personal information secure?

Your information with us is absolutely secure. We follow EU generally accepted standards to store and protect the personal information we collect, both during transmission and once received and stored, including utilization of encryption where appropriate.

  What after registering as a vendor?

After having been registered as a Vendor, you are eligible to add your listing for charters or crew finder instantly to be visible to millions of yacht enthusiasts that visit KaterBlue everyday. 

  Do I need to be approved as a vendor in order to add my listing?

Yes, we normally do. To make KaterBlue a trusted-quality platform for the sailors all round the world, we request prospective vendors to provide us the documents & details pertaining their professional capacity as a Captain, Skipper or any type of professional maritime certification. This practice ensures us to deliver a safe and fair platform for our valued travellers.

  Can I register as a vendor for my yachting company/agency?

Absolutely, yes! You can be a professional individual or a company or an agency. KaterBlue has it all arranged for listing out your watercraft with any formation whatsoever. 

  I have multiple boat/yachts to list. Can I bulk import them at once?

Absolutely yes! As soon as you are approved as a Vendor, you will have access to your vendor dashboard. Under each listing module, you will have the csv file format to download. You can fill it up with your customized details, save it in csv, then import it using the import module. Furthermore, if it appears too complicated, you can kindly email us the details of your watercraft in a excel file and our dedicated support team will get on to you.

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