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Last updated: 16 November 2021 


KaterBlue Cancellation Policy

The KaterBlue charter platform allows boat and yacht owners to choose amongst three standardised cancellation policies (Flexible, Moderate, and Strict). The sailing season is in most countries only a few month long and therefore the platform must allow boat and yacht owners to organise their diary and the respective income with a level of certainty. Some owners engage in this charter activity commercially, others as an important part of their personal income. KaterBlue is therefore dedicated to enforce the protection chosen at the outset by the owner and accepted by the renter at the point of booking. This is to protect both parties in their expectations alike. Each listing on KaterBlue has a unique cancellation policy. Upon acceptance of the owner’s offer you are also agreeing to their cancellation policy. If something arises and you need to cancel before your trip is due to begin, you will be refunded according to that owner's cancellation policy. If you are worried about weather, illness etc. you should take out a holiday insurance upon booking your boat to be on the safe side. The KaterBlue service charges are always non-refundable.


Cancellation Policy For Bad Weather During One Day/Hourly Charters

If weather conditions are bad (Beaufort Wind Scale Min. 6) and does not allow you to sail on the day of your charter, the parties can jointly decide to extend the charter and must inform KaterBlue in writing to admin@katerblue.com stating your name, reservation number and the dates of your booking. This cancellation MUST be done a min. of one day (more than 24 hours) prior to your charter. So make sure you have looked at your weather forecast. Otherwise, and only in the case of charters of a duration less than, or equal to one day, you will be refunded the total booking amount excluding the service charge. In extenuating circumstances KaterBlue 's service charge will be refunded only in the form of a voucher that you may use as a discount towards your next charter with KaterBlue.

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be reimbursed when you cancel more than 24 hours in advance of your expected arrival. This excludes the KaterBlue service charges. No refunds will be given for shortened charters.
  • Moderate Cancellation Policy: A refund of 60% up to 14 days before arrival, excluding KaterBlue service charges. If the Renter cancels less than 14 days before check-in time then there is no refund. If the Renter arrives and decides to leave before the agreed check-out date (i.e. days not spent on the boat) there is no refund.
  • Strict Cancellation Policy: A refund of 50% up to 30 days before arrival, excluding expenses. If the Renter cancels less than 30 days before check-in time there is no refund. If the Renter arrives and decides to leave before the agreed check-out d ate (i.e. days not spent on the boat) there is no refund.


Cancellation by Owner

A cancellation by the owner can only be done on the grounds of technical and security problems with their boat. In this case the boat owner must provide a technical report from a boat engineer or engineering company. In this case the renter is entitled to a full refund. The owner will have to pay KaterBlue Services Fee which will be adjusted by a future payout.

KaterBlue tax implications on charters

KaterBlue boat and yacht owners who offer their boats for short term charters are subject to income tax. Commercial listing are subject to corporation tax. Since the KaterBlue platform offers yacht and boats globally it is the responsibility of the owner to add their tax to the total charge whilst listing their boats. Under most information exchange treaties KaterBlue may be requested to provide income information on users and will be legally obliged to provide this.

KaterBlue Service Fee

On agreement of the booking the renter must make a credit card payment of 30%. Upon payment of the 30% the booking is confirmed. 3 months prior to the charter the remainder of the booking fee must be sent by bank transfer. Failure to do this will result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation and loss of your booking fee.

In an event of less than 3 months to checkin date, the total booking fee is to be paid. 

The KaterBlue Service Fee is 6% for the guests/renter who is placing a booking, and 15 % of the total charter amount agreed to the vendor/lister whose listing have been booked. 

No-show will result in forfeiture of the booking amount paid by the guest/booker including the service fee paid to KaterBlue. Also, days not spent on account of early check-out is marked as forfeited.

The same fee structure is applicable for the Crewing system. The user booking a crew will be charged 6%, and the crew will be charged 15% of the booking amount.  

An exception to boat/yacht Sales-Purchase system:

Boat listings are free of charge. Boat/Yacht sales attracts a commission of 1.75% on commercial operators, large brokerage and agencies. We keep this low because these sellers have their own sales documentation and methodology, legal and surveyor team.

This further has an exception for the individual/small scale yacht sales brokerage. The KaterBlue commission fee typically ranges from 4% to 10% depending on the sales value. The percentage is shared between sales and purchase agent/brokerage. The percentage is determined and agreed upon before getting both the parties together for the proceedings of purchase, duly coordinated by the KaterBlue so the terms are clear and documented.