One of the amazing features of KaterBlue is that it allows boat owners to offer not only plain rentals, but a great variety of boat tours, customized to satisfy even the pickiest customer. Do you have a preset idea of how the perfect nautical leisure experience should look like? You will probably find it on KaterBlue! And if not, then you can offer it to others for free through our platform. Pricing is up to the ones who offer – hourly rentals, half or whole days – so there is always something that fits your budget. Find out below what are some of the most wonderful boat tours offered by people through KaterBlue.


Fishing Tours

If you enjoy fishing, you will definitely enjoy one of the great fishing tours found on KaterBlue. From nighttime ale fishing at a lakeside, to strolling tropical rivers with a catamaran, or throwing out your rod at mid sea; adventurous, educational or relaxing; it is all in the realm of KaterBlue’s possibilities. Experienced boat tour guides and fishing veterans are ready to take you on the fishing trip of your choice, whether on a faraway location or in your hometown, all year round.


Diving Tours

Diving is a truly great experience. Floating above the seabed among colorful fish and sea weed, a new world opens for you. Now imagine you can dive in any location of your choosing, with your own personal instructor, for a reasonable price. The secret of KaterBlue is that it is made by and for people with a passion for water. We bring you in contact with the greatest diving instructors, without you having to subscribe to an agency, without tuition and waiting periods. If you have a diving certificate you can just hop on and go. If you don’t the diving instructor can give you an introduction and you can see for yourself if you wish to take it further. The fact that our offers are open-ended removes a certain barrier for a lot of people. Whether it is snorkeling or deep-sea diving, whether it is in combination with a boat charter, our diving tours appeal to all lovers of the Big Blue.


Bay Cruises

One of the most popular type of boat tours on KaterBlue is a cruise through any of the world’s magnificent bays. Sit back and enjoy the view, eat luxuriously or even listen to your own private concert. There are all sorts of bay cruises possible, ranging from ones focusing on nature and tranquility to ones which are all about partying. Some people dream of spotting dolphins, flying fish or whales, others might want to watch the night lights of a major metropolis - San Francisco, Hong Kong or Rio de Janeiro - under the enjoyment of a meal and a drink. KaterBlue is open to almost any bay cruise & entertainment combination one can think of; disco boats for group events, violin performances at sunset, seafood and champagne in the afternoon. Do you want to offer bay cruises with a lunch, or is this exactly what you are looking for – in both cases KaterBlue is the place to look first. Just some ideas for bay cruises are as follows:

Plain Bay Cruise – enjoy breathtaking views of the bay of your choice and the surrounding area; mountains or hills, fjords, polders or deltas, villages or cityscapes.

Night Time Bay Cruise – be amazed by the dark contours of the landscape dotted in lights like a celestial constellation.

Bay Cruise with Lunch or high tea – Delight in the sights and senses of a wonderful bay tour while savoring a freshly prepared lunch or tea aboard.

Bay Cruise with Seafood and Champagne – Top your bay tour in an appropriate marine style with this luxurious seafood and champagne offer. Ideal for romantic moments or a special rendezvous with friends.

Bay Cruise with Entertainment – Celebrate life with this amazing bay tour and entertainment offer. One could think of a private concert, whether it is classical, electro or rock, group games or even water sports.

Of course, there are all kinds of combinations possible between the above offers. There is always something that suits your wishes.