Buying and Selling a Yacht in Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency Transactions for Boat, Ships, Mega Yachts, Super Yachts, Motor Yachts, and Sailing Yachts. 

“Buying a boat with Cryptocurrency has a myriad of advantages,” says founder and MD of KaterBlue,  Julia Kenny, citing efficiency, privacy, and flexibility. Cryptocurrencies allow holders to make safe and secure payments from peer to peer through a digital wallet without the need for intermediaries; there’s no central bank or single administrator and the transactions are kept anonymous which is all part of the appeal. She continues to elaborate and says, “Moreover, such transactions know no weekend, no bank holiday or days off since it allows peers to receive and send Cryptocurrency at any time of the day, any day, thus,  there are no physical hurdles. All transactions happen in real-time and can be instantly checked and verified.  These characteristics make it perfect for Ship and Yacht sales and purchases”. 


Do you want to sell your boat for Cryptocurrency?

We have the solution! The yachting industry cannot ignore the trend and the benefits of accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for yacht and boat purchases. KaterBlue accepts Cryptocurrency as direct payment for its in-stock inventory of yachts, new builds or custom build orders. In addition, we facilitate any such transaction through our yacht brokerage.  “We continue to find ways to make the yacht-buying and selling process safe and easy for clients. Buying and selling super yachts in Cryptocurrency is just one of those ways," says Kenny. “ As shipbrokers and yacht brokers, safety, discretion, and confidentiality to our clientele is elementary and thus it is our responsibility to make buying, selling, and chartering yachts as easy as possible," she says. “We have faced a high demand in this on the Buy, as well as the Sell-side, and anything that facilitates a boat or yacht transaction is a good thing". Kenny further elaborates: “As an industry, we're very flexible. There's always a solution there whether it's Gold, Euros, Pounds, Dollars, Cryptocurrency, or even exchange, we are here to make it happen.


Bespoke Cryptocurrency Yacht Brokerage Solutions

At KaterBlue we offer bespoke and discrete Cryptocurrency transactions for your yacht, boat, or ship. Contact us and let us know which Cryptocurrency you wish to transact in and which boat. We are discreet and we are here to facilitate and assist you. The advantage of using KaterBlue for your transaction is that we offer all three services. We offer to organise your Yacht and boat sale in Crypto, your boat and yacht purchase in Crypto, as well as exchange cryptocurrency to the required Fiat currency of our clients listing their yachts without them even noticing the difference. They receive the funds in their account like they requested when initially instructing us. 

Sold for Cryptocurrency

This special Admiral Impero 40 RPH Sage 2017 model from Admiral Impero SAGE was bought by a Dubai businessman in exchange for a BitCoin. Citing efficiency, privacy, and flexibility, KaterBlue facilitated a smooth & hassle-free cryto transaction for both the parties.

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For Crypto

This special model 2018 Azimut Magellano 53 was purchased via KaterBlue with Etherium Cryptocurrency.

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For Crypto

This special model Ferretti 920 Super Yacht by Ferretti Yachts was sold via KaterBlue with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

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For more information on how to transact your boat or yacht in cryptocurrency please don't hesitate to email us at, or call our main office at +44 1534 520845.

We can also be reached via our Whatsapp business instant messaging registered under the same number. 

Alternatively, to access and print out our order form for any watercrafts listed for sales here at KaterBlue, please view and print the form here.