Magnificent Whale-Watching Experience on Motorboat charter in Mirissa, Sri lanka

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Motor Boat

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Motor Boat

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70 person


Mirissa is one of the best places in the world for whale viewing, particularly for the world's largest marine mammals, known as "Blue Whales." Whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa is one of the most fascinating aquatic activities you can enjoy while on vacation in Sri Lanka. Mirissa is an amazing site in Sri Lanka to begin your whale and dolphin watching vacation. Blue whales, Bryde's whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, and occasionally Killer whales can be seen in the tropical Indian Ocean, as can Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso's dolphins, and Striped dolphins. Turtles and numerous fish species, such as Bluefin tuna and flying fish, can be seen on occasion.

Our double-decker sharing boat can easily accommodate 70 passengers and is equipped with all necessary safety equipment such as life vests, life rings, GPS, and radio communications. Everyone on board receives breakfast in the morning (tea,coffee,sandwiches,fruits,fruit juice and ample water bottles). There are also sanitary facilities on board.

Terms and conditions:
Paid tickets cannot be reimbursed unless the tour is cancelled on a certain booking date
** Excursion cancellation refers to the cancellation of a boat tour by its operator due to mechanical failure or poor weather.

• Starts : 7am ,Everyday (2020-2021 season started)

Major attractions:

• Whale Species : Blue Whale(mainly),Bryde's whale,Pilot whale,Sperm Whale,Killer & Dolphins
• Tour Time : 3-5 Hours • Capacity : 70 Seats only (more spacious)
• Tea,Coffee,Breakfast/Water Included
• Sanitary facilities on board
• GPS Navigation,Radio Communication,Life jackets
• Certified by Sri Lanka Insurance, Sri lanka Tourist Board, Sri Lanka Wild Life Department

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Manufacturer : Ceynor
Model : shared double decker trimaran
Length (meters) : 16.76
Width (meters) : 5.4
Engine Type : 550
Max Auth. Capacity: 70

Availability Details

Schedule for check-in :
( At the date of Departure )
Schedule for check-out :
( At the date of Arrival )
( Hours )
07:00 12:00 05:00 hr

Booking rules

Paid ticket can't be refunded unless tour cancellation on any specific booking date. ** tour cancellation means cancellation of the boat tour by its operator due mechanical faults or due bad weather.

Charter Options

This listing is listed for following charter options.

With Captain and Crew both

A captain and a crew will be available.

Note for guests:

Based on the choice of charter option set for this listing and your choice to avail these options under the process of booking this charter, an extra fee may be applicable, for eg; for availing Crew service.

Cancellation Rules

Moderate Policy

No-show will result in reservation considered as forfeited.

Days not spent on account of early check-out is marked as forfeited.

Refunds under any cancellation terms & conditions excludes the KaterBlue service fee.


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.


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