There are not many cities like Istanbul. Criss-crossed by water passages and studden with natural harbours, with plenty of gorgeous coastlines and beaches. Innumerable marinas, promenades and boat-builders are spread asia and west; as widely as the various dishes in a local breakfast. On either side of the mighty bosphorus channel, the split between Europe and Asia is immediately apparent. Linked by only 3 land bridges, the majority opt for maritime links to the other side, as evidenced by the sheer concentration of vessels from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. These immutable facts have governed Istanbul’s fate for thousands of years, cementing its place as a logistical hub and one of the most critical maritime cities in this part of the world. Cruising alongside these private passage boats and hulking ferries, the majority of vessels are for some form of pleasure, be it fishing, watersports or simply lounging in the sun with a cold drink. 

Naturally, marinas old, new, modern and specialised cover the greater Istanbul coast. Some have, over time and of late, been recognised with globally respected awards or unique services. 


Bebek Promenade:

The beating heart of the heady tourist summer days, with extensive public amenities such as picnic areas and fishing sports. Superyacht rentals and triple-decker dinner tour boats are a minimum expectation here, with some of the finest rentable vessels available in Turkey. This is not without reason, as this area is wedged in one of the sharpest bends in this inland section of the channel, providing excellent protection against all weather conditions despite rapid access to the open sea.

The most widely recognised operators in Istanbul call this paved coast their home, with offices usually found behind the imposing and lively row of premium restaurants, shops and green spaces, with waterfront parking near-permanently occupied by luxury vehicles of all kinds. Brokerage in this area is rare, and usually happens only between one tour/chartering company and another.

West Istanbul Marina:

Although it is one of the newest marinas in Istanbul, over a few years it has offered great support to those seeking to repair their vessels and has earned a reputation to match due to the amenities on offer. With the biggest harbour launch in Istanbul, and accommodating mega-yachts up to 65 metres, as well as offering a 65 ton lift for service and maintenance, it is not hard to see why. It is located on the Yakuplu coast of the Marmara Sea in Beylikduzu and berths up to 600 vessels, with a further 300 in dry docking.

The Yakuplu area in Beylikduzu is a laid-back and calm area, with many new-build residential areas prioritising a high sense of privacy and comfort. Owning or staying in some of these apartments often confers rights of use over the marina amenities, allowing those renting or chartering to enjoy the facilities of these compounds on arrival and after their tour’s conclusion.

Unspoilt views of the sea come with such a comparatively suburban marina, and the visual pleasure goes very nicely with a coffee in one of the surrounding cafes or over lunch with friends and family alike in one of the marina's many restaurants, including a host of fresh seafood offerings.  When weather conditions are not cooperative, take yourself inside the marina’s fitness and sports centres, the WIM shopping centre where you can find several shops alongside well-known restaurants and cafes. 

Atakoy Marina:

This marina commands international respect with its many awards, including the Yacht Harbor Association's 5 Golden Anchors award and the notoriously stringent Blue Flag award. Berthing up to 700 vessels and a further 100 in dry docks, this is a formidable development.

Atakoy is part of the Bakirkoy district and is located on the European side of Istanbul. The marina is located within the Marmara Sea. The original, impressive breakwater, was used to great effect in 2017, when total vessel capacity within the harbour was increased to 1000, thanks to the development and grand opening of the Mega Yacht Harbour. Despite this, many super and mega yacht charterers operate here alongside private owners, thanks to the stark proximity to Ataturk Airport. The only downside is the relative distance from Taksim, Galata and other central parts of the European side of the city, but local amenities as well as hassle-free road and rail connections mean that if you can afford to berth here, you can certainly afford rapid travel to the liveliest parts of the city! Local entertainment & social facilities such include a swimming pool, children’s playground, beach volleyball & basketball fields, Tennis court, seafood restaurant, Atakoy Sheraton hotel, Galleria shopping center, and Atakoy Marina park.

24/7 security service is of course guaranteed, alongside world-class health services, technical support and maintenance. Port services workers and managers alike are highly attentive and efficient. 

Guzelce Marina, Buyukcekmce:

This marina started its operations in 2008, and it is in Buyukcekmce, one of the developing western Istanbul districts, and has a capacity of 250 mooring yachts and 120 in dry dock. This is the westernmost marina on this list.

This marina really shines when it comes to swimming and fishing, with an extremely sheltered beach adjacent to the marina, thanks to the unique shape of the western breakwater

All necessary services are provided for the discerning boat owner, such as electricity, water, security, WC and shower facilities, an extensive and secured carpark, diving tools, technical support, maintenance, fuel supply etc. Nearby residential purchase and development reservation options are numerous and well priced given the up-and-coming status of this area.


Viaport Marina:

Kalamis & Fenerbahce (twin marinas):

These marinas are one of the most prestigious marinas in Istanbul in the Asian part. They are located in Kadiköy, the hub of Anatolian Istanbul. There are many social facilities and services provided here, alongside the boats and yachts' services.

For example, as a marina visitor, you may enjoy the shops, café & restaurants, the hotel, the medical services while enjoying the perfect weather and view of the sea. When it comes to the boat owners, there are several facilities and services. There is a fuel station, infirmary with specialisation for the disabled, water and electricity, wireless internet, car park, waste collection facilities, and a cutting-edge security services system.

The areas around Kalamis marina and Fenerbahce have their own uniqueness that can be easily felt from the tranquillity they possess. This shines through the wonderful amenities they host, such as parks, sports clubs, and fine dining. 

The houses in these neighborhoods are of high quality and suitable for families.

There are other marinas and boat ports in Istanbul that serve the needs of sea travel between Istanbul areas, and provide berths for yacht and boats’ owners, to mention a few:

Tarabya & Istinye Marinas:

These two ports serve the northern parts of the Bosphorus in the Sariyer district. These two are considered luxurious because of their service areas in Sariyer, which is the most prestigious area in Istanbul, and the home of the luxury Istanbul properties.