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Sailing the Dodecanese is an amazing experience, and if you get the opportunity to cruise Greece, these cruising grounds should be at the top of your list.

A week or two on a our Greek yacht rental will provide you with excellent memories of some of the most beautiful and unique islands in the Greek Aegean, with near ideal sailing conditions and a true taste of the Orient.

Yachts base in Kos Island, is a great place to start exploring the Dodecanese. Even though check-in is at 17:00, there is no need to stay the night at the marina..

Dodecanese actually means "Dodeca (12) nisia" (islands).

Because they are a distant outpost of Greece, their cultures are frequently considerably distinct from those of mainland Greece. The pace of life is relaxed, and the residents are kind to visitors.

While there are certain nightlife hotspots, like as Rhodes and Kos, the majority of the Dodecanese islands remain tranquil outposts of the Greek country.

The islands are frequently large enough that you may choose to rent a car from a reputable car rental company (check Trip Advisor for the best ones - do not just go anywhere) to tour the islands and find your own little slice of heaven!

To board a Kavas Greek yacht charter, fly directly to Kos or Rhodes airport, however if there are no direct flights from your own country, you can fly into Athens and take a ferry to Kos.

The islands

Here is a flavour of the islands you will be able to visit during your time in the Dodecanese. It is worth doing your research to get the right mix of high octane partying and chilled out bliss on in other locations but this should be a jumping off point.


started out as a wealthy trading and fishing port but has turned its gaze to tourism in recent years. With its bustling Old Town and fantastic beaches, you will not be disappointed in the opportunities to party and enjoy Greek tourism at its best. Do be aware that nightclubs sometimes close after dawn so you might not wish to stay there for a quiet night in...


home of medical philosopher Hippocrates, like Rhodes made its wealth from foreign trade and agriculture but has also turned its gaze to the tourist €. Modern delights are the order of the day although you will find Italian architecture in Kos Town and Roman ruins elsewhere on the island. Being close to Turkey, not all of the island is open to the public with regular military manoeuvres taking place on the fertile lands.


was ruled over by nearby Kos in the Trojan War. Very close by its larger neighbour, it is extremely different. Life is very laid back here, and mass tourism a failed experiment as it vainly competed with Kos. You will find beautiful, almost empty beaches and locals who welcome strangers in as guests as opposed to major income sources. For those seeking adventure off the beaten track, you will do well to visit Kalymnos!


is widely regarded to be among the most beautiful islands in the Dodecanese. Not having an airport it is very quiet too, with day trippers dominating the tourists to the island. Especially after the last day trip boat has left, you can find yourself on a stunning beach at least as good as any in Greece - but only you and your crew there. Don’t be wary - you are just privileged to be on a Greek yacht charter holiday here...


has some great little coves to anchor in due to its pitted coastline. There is no commercial capital on the island as the towns are roughly equal in size. We recommend you go inland for dinner and drinks to Pandelli and Alinda as they are favoured among tourists. One peculiarity of Leros was that it was the scene of a ferocious battle in World War 2 when the Nazis retook the island from the Allies after Italy capitulated. There are bomb casings and detritus of war decorating many of the villages and homes here today as a result.


is the site of a still steaming volcano. Just a short drive inland you can see the steaming vents and cones that make this island so attractive. Due to the ash and lava the soil is very good and Nisyros is one of the most fertile in the Dodecanese. Day-trippers desert the island every evening so on a Greek yacht charter you may have the island almost to yourself - no bad thing for those after a bit of quiet. The local restaurants are definitely worth a visit in the evening too, as they cater almost exclusively to locals.


has barely 100 inhabitants in the winter months which belies its rich history as the ‘breadbasket of the Dodecanese’. Until globalisation destroyed `its farming in the 1970’s, the rich soil made it the main wheat exporting island of the chain. A tiny island between Rhodes and Kos, it has had its own tale to tell in world history, and walkers will often find an abandoned knight’s castle or two as they wander. Those who visit today tend to come for longer stays to chill out - Tilos is an almost deserted island year round.


was once busier than Rhodes due to its shipbuilding and sponge diving industries. A blight has killed off many sponges (as have artificial ones) and the industry itself. Need we speak about shipbuilding? Symi Town is extremely popular among sailors so expect to be elbow to elbow with your fellow Greek yacht charter types. Though there isn’t a great water supply (just a few monasteries exist inland as well as the odd village) there are some excellent restaurants at the island’s capital.


is a limestone rock not far from Rhodes. Its sole industry used to be sponge fishing that died with the sponges and is now entirely day trip tourism. It has 300 inhabitants who make their money in the peak season and who have the place to themselves in the low season.


With its 1200 metre high mountain range dividing it in two, Karpathos is one of the most dramatic and beautiful islands in the Dodecanese. The mountain range splits it in two - the mountainous north with villages perched on cloud topped mountains and the lowland south. Karpathos is very wealthy owing to its children emigrating to America and sending money home so life is very laid back and other than welcoming tourists they don’t need to worry too much about making the land work for them - expect instead a verdant, natural landscape that is very picturesque!

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Manufacturer : Jeanneau
Model : Sun Odyssey 379
No. Cabin : 3
No. Berths : 6
Length (meters) : 11.34
Width (meters) : 3.76
Draft (meters) : 1.5
Max Auth. Capacity: 10
Max Bookable Capacity: 6

Availability Details

Schedule for check-in : 17:00
Schedule for check-out : 9:00
Duration: 7 Days

Charter Options

This listing is listed for following charter options.

Bareboat Charter

Note for guests:

Based on the choice of charter option set for this listing and your choice to avail these options under the process of booking this charter, an extra fee may be applicable, for eg; for availing Crew service.

Booking rules


All charters begin at 17:00 of the start-date and finish at 09:00 of the end-date of the charter period, exclusively at the designated ports. The chartered yacht has to have returned to its end-port by 17:00 of the day preceding its end-date, at the latest.


It is required by the Greek Port Authorities that at least two passengers of a bareboat yacht charter are certifiably qualified to navigate sailing yachts at open seas. However, in case only one passenger qualifies as such, the Port Authority will accept a formal written statement by a second passenger, that he/she carries open-sea experience (no proof will be required).


I. The right to use the designated boat type along with its inventory II. All taxes & VAT 12% III. Insurance (for the yacht and third party liability, the passengers and sea pollution) IV. Port fees for the day of embarkation and disembarkation (port of call). V. 24 hour emergency service by Kavas Yachting


I. Any costs incurred during the sailing trip such as water and fuel consumption, provisions, port fees. II. Optional extras (upon request) such as local skipper, hostess, SUP, outboard etc. III. End Cleaning (obligatory and payable in cash upon embarkation). 35 €/cabin and includes yacht’s cleaning and bed linen, blankets, pillows, pillow cases and towels All extras to be paid in cash at base upon arrival.


In order the charter-party to be valid, an advance payment equal to 50% of its total value has to be made to usYachting upon its signing. The remaining 50% will be payable 45 days before the start-date of the charter period, at the latest. It is noted that, in case a Charter Contract is signed regarding a charter period starting within the following 45 days or less, it has to be paid in full upon its signing.

Before embarking on the boat, the client will provide us with a refundable deposit – in cash or credit card Visa/Master – intended to cover the cost for any loss or damage to the boat / boats inventory while on charter. The deposit is returned in full at the end of the charter period in case there is no damage or loss. Otherwise, the relevant cost is deducted from the deposit and the client will receive the balance.


In case a booked yacht charter needs to be cancelled on the client's initiative, the following terms will apply, as described in the Memorandum of Charter:

91+ days prior to embarkation: 30% of the total charter fee is withheld by Kavas Yachting. If the advanced payment is more than 30%, the extra amount will be credited to the next charter. In case the yacht is booked by another client and under the same conditions, only an administrative fee of 300€ will be held. 46 - 90 days prior to embarkation: 50% of the total charter fee is withheld by Kavas Yachting 45 - 1 days prior to embarkation: 100 % of the total charter fee is withheld by Kavas Yachting


Upon request from the client, Kavas Yachting can offer the following extras, at an additional Cost: 1. Skipper (Euro 190/day plus food) 2. Hostess/Cook (Euro 170/day plus food) 3. Outboard Engine (Euro 80/week) 4. Kayak/ SUP (Euro 130/week) 5. Yacht air-conditioning, where installed (Euro 300/week) 6. Water maker, where installed (Euro 100/week) 7. Wi-Fi (Euro 80/unlimited data) 8. Early check-in (Euro 150/booking) 9. Family Pack (Euro 250/booking)


29/07-19/08 : 3335 10/06-29/07 / 19/08/-16/09 : 2645 22/04-10/06 / 16/09-14/10 : 2070 Before 22/04 After 14/10 : 1840 Security deposit: 2500 EURO

Damage deposit : £0

Damage Deposit is fully refunded to you in 72 hours of your checkout, subject to any breakage/damage claims by the Operator/Owner.


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.

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