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Kalpitiya is a distinct lagoon in Sri Lanka's North Western Province, consisting of 14 islands with a total area of 16.73km2. The bulk of the people in this area are fishermen, and it is the country's biggest producer of dried fish.

Furthermore, Kalpitiya was historically known for its pearls. However, after being identified as a hotspot for marine mammals, this location is now blossoming as a stunning tourist destination. It is a magnificent maritime environment with a wide range of habitats including bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangroves, salt marshes, and gigantic sand dunes.

The Kalpitiya peninsula, the Kalpitiya Islands, and the Kalpitiya Beaches are popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is 130 kilometers north of Katunayake's Bandaranayake International Airport, and it is an amazing coastal location in the Western coastal belt, north of Colombo. Kalpitiya is a peninsula located between Puttalam's vast lagoon to the east and the gorgeous Indian Ocean to the west.

The Kalpitiya region is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction. Furthermore, it is designated as a marine sanctuary with a diverse range of ecosystems including bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangrove swamps, salt marshes, and large sand dune beaches. Many kinds of fish and crustaceans use it as a breeding place. Spinner, bottlenose, and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and even the elusive dugong live in the coastal waters, making them very appealing to potential tourists.

It is also regarded as one of the top places in Sri Lanka for whale and dolphin viewing. We provide you with the opportunity to witness hundreds of dolphins swimming alongside and diving under your boat, riding waves, jumping, spinning, twirling, and leaping out of the water in a stunning performance, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

The best time to go dolphin watching is from November to March/April, when the sea is likely to be calmer, making it easier to spot dolphins. The tranquility also adds to better visibility in the sea, allowing one to see dolphins from a distance. This time of year is especially great since dolphins travel here from colder waters. During this time, superpods of up to 1000 dolphins may be seen.

We'll get together at 7 a.m. You will be escorted to the boat after being briefed on the excursion and safety procedures at our center., and the dolphin viewing excursion usually takes place during the early morning hours and lasts around 2 hours.

Pods of hundreds of dolphins may generally be seen at the famed Bar Reef, which is about an hour away by boat. The long-snouted Spinner dolphin is the most common species found in Kalpitiya seas, as offshore tropical waters are their natural home. Kalpitiya is also home to Bottlenose, Risso, and Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins. These adorable and playful acrobats are undeniably entertaining.

Our boat is an 23.5 feet Fibreglass boat with a canopy and a 40 hp outboard motor. The number of passengers onboard will be strictly limited to the seating capacity.It can carry a maximum of 8 persons. Each customer will be given a lifejacket, which must be worn throughout the tour. Clients must follow all safety instructions given by the crew.


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Manufacturer : Neil Marine
Model : custom model
Length (meters) : 5.6
Width (meters) : 2
Engine: in HP : 40
Max Auth. Capacity: 8

Booking rules

Booking Rules


  • Boat Transfer,
  • Drinking Water,
  • Life Jackets and Wild Life Ticket.


Transportation to/from location, which could be arranged on request (for an additional fee) Optional activity costs Any personal effects not mentioned in this description Tips for the staff

Cancellation policy

We do tours if the weather condition is proper only. FREE Cancellation prior 1 day of arrival. Each person (even child) in the boat will be counted as an adult.

Insect repellents, sun protection lotions, and other similar products are strongly suggested. Suitable casual clothing/footwear for outdoor activities. » Emphasis on the importance of the safety standards we give. - Passengers limited to the number of seats available. - Lifejackets for all clients. - Lifejackets for all clients. Follow all safety instructions from the crew. Dolphin sightings: There is a 90 to 95% chance of seeing whales on our cruises. On every dolphin viewing expedition, we do our best to locate them for you. However, even with our best efforts, we are unable to show you the dolphins on certain days. It is critical that we understand that we will encounter wildlife in the blue seas. Seasickness: There is usually some swell in the not-so-calm Indian Ocean. If this is your first trip on a boat in the Indian Ocean, or if you are prone to seasickness, we recommend that you take the seasickness drug Avomine, which is readily accessible at any pharmacy. No wild animals should be fed (Yes, they are wild animals). They are not interested in your food if they are swimming near your boat. Make your guide/boatman take the boat too near to them.

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