Trendy Cruising Experience with Motor Boat Flyer 6 Spacedeck 2019 in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain


Watercraft Type


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12 hours

Max. Person

6 person


The revolutionary Flyer is powerful and elegant at the same time, and it boldly revisits the day boat. The Flyer's clean modern lines, inspired by automotive design rules, have made a great impression. The stainless steel, cabinetry, and upholstery all show attention to detail and quality. Every Flyer model makes the most of the boat's beam to create spacious living areas on board, with a focus on senses.

It has an entirely open deck, which creates fantastic living spaces on board. A major element is the centrally located driving station, which ensures that everyone can share the thrill of sailing. Large walkways, ample freeboards, and handrails on all sides make these day boats extremely safe. The Spacedeck lends itself nicely to a variety of water sports, from wakeboarding to fishing (optional live bait well and table).

This Motor boat is versatile and sporty, with all of the successful features introduced on the larger boats of this new generation. She is the smallest boat in the range and is suitable for anyone who enjoys simple, economical, and convenient first-class multi-program boating.

The watercraft characteristics comprise of: • Length: 5.5m • Width: 2.3m • Draft: 0.4m • Displacement: 1204Kg • Cabins: 0 • Berths: 0 • Max capacity: 6 • Fuel Tank: 100L • Water tank: 50L • Engine: 115hp


Navigation • Depth sounder, • VHF radio, • Anchor box, • Hand bearing compass, • First aid kit, • GPS Plotter in cockpit

Outside • Bimini, • Outside shower, • Swim ladder, • Bathing platform, • Electric bilge pump, • Loudspeaker (outside), • Deck table, • Outdoor mats

Inside • Music system, • AM/FM radio, • Fresh water, • Socket 12V, • Bluetooth, • USB connection

Expenditures Assumed by the Lessee. All costs for provisioning, fuel, lubricants, gas, ice, moorage in harbours and marinas, and generally all material and maintenance expenditures for the vessel during the rental period are not included in the rental price and shall be assumed exclusively by the lessee.

Use of the Vessel.  To use the chartered vessel properly and in accordance with maritime authorities' rules.  Not transporting more than the number of passengers permitted by the vessel's certificate of seaworthiness, using the vessel solely for recreational purposes, and not participating in regattas. Furthermore, he agrees not to cede, subcontract, or sublet the vessel in whole or in part. The leese declares that he is aware of the restrictions imposed by the COVID10 pandemic.  Not to bring animals on board unless the ship owner gives permission.  Not to transport weapons, drugs, or any other items that might violate Spanish law.  Towing other vessels is strictly prohibited; similarly, the chartered vessel shall only be towed in an emergency and only using the vessel's own ropes to reduce rescue costs. The lessee shall not enter into any agreements or accept any responsibilities without the prior approval of the ship owner.  If dangerous weather conditions are indicated in the weather or sea forecasts (wind speed greater than 6 Beaufort or 27 wind knots), the lessee agrees not to leave the harbour in which he is located or to proceed to the nearest safe harbour or anchorage. The lessee must be aware of the meteorological conditions at all times in order to have a navigation plan that allows him to ensure the vessel's integrity while avoiding unnecessary risks.  Not leaving the vessel in high seas without an experienced crew member on board, always sailing with the sails most appropriate to the weather conditions, ensuring safe sailing and a manageable strain on the sails, mast, rigging, sprit, and other equipment  Do not use cleaning products or utensils that could damage the vessel.  To be held liable for any damage or impairment that may occur on the chartered vessel, as well as the loss of any of its components and any delay in returning the vessel.  To be held liable for any theft or loss of the dinghy if it is not stored in a closed chest or properly strapped in the deck of the vessel.  The lessee is responsible for all consequences of anchoring, particularly measures required in the event of wind or current changes.  to be held liable for the actions of all people named on the passengers list, the number of whom on board must not exceed the vessel's maximum capacity.  To use the vessel solely for touristic or leisure purposes; the vessel shall not be used for commercial purposes, professional fishing and transportation, sports competitions and regattas, or any other use that is incompatible with the vessel's purpose. The lessee, as the sole person in charge of the vessel during the rental period, is responsible for using the vessel responsibly and in accordance with the rules of the competent authorities, being the sole and exclusive party in charge and liable for any consequences that may result from noncompliance.

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Manufacturer : Beneteau
Model : Flyer 6 Spacedeck 2019
Length (meters) : 5.5
Width (meters) : 2.3
Draft (meters) : 0.4
Engine: in HP : 1 x 115hp
Max Auth. Capacity: 6
Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 ltr

Booking rules

1.- Suspensive Condition. As a suspensive condition the validity of the present contract is subject to the payment by the lessee of the reservation amount agreed in the following Terms and Conditions, as reservations are not valid until said payment is made.

2.- Payment and Reservation In order for the reservation of the vessel to become binding, 80% of the rental amount shall be paid, whereby no vessel shall be considered definitively reserved until the above mentioned payment is made. The remaining 20 % shall be paid in advance, at least one month before starting the cruise, whereby the reservation shall be considered null and void in case the payment is not settled.

The lessee, and BEFORE ten ( + 10 ) weeks before the expected date of delivery of the boat, may unilaterally withdraw from the contract with a penalty of 20% of the total value of the rental previously booked. If the lessee decides to cancel between ten (10) and eight (8) weeks prior to the date of delivery of the boat, the lessor is authorised to charge 40% of the total rental amount, if he cancels between eight (8) and four (4) weeks prior to the date of delivery, the lessor will charge 60% of the rental amount, if he cancels between four (4) and two (2) weeks prior to the date, the lessor will be charged 80% of the rental value, if he cancels less than two (-2) weeks prior to the date, the lessor will be charged 100% of the amounts received from the lessee, all in respect of the damages caused by such cancellation. If it is impossible to provide some of the services under the agreed conditions, the company will offer the user the option of either reimbursing the total amount paid without any further request or claim for any reason, or accepting a supplement to the contract specifying the modifications introduced and their repercussion on the price.

Charter Options

This listing is listed for following charter options.

With Captain and Crew both

Note for guests:

Based on the choice of charter option set for this listing and your choice to avail these options under the process of booking this charter, an extra fee may be applicable, for eg; for availing Crew service.


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.


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