Experience the sunset in Batticaloa-Sri Lanka

Batticaloa, Sri lanka

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You must choose the right location if you wish to go to Sri Lanka. We can't wait to show you around Batticaloa. You may precisely plan your family holiday with our assistance. Making your family's trip exceptional is our delight, and we work hard to provide excellent service for the amount you pay.

The city of Batticaloa, which is situated on the island's eastern coast, is one of the island's more multicultural communities and serves as a museum for the nation's colonial past. Batticaloa is a quaint coastal town with a lot to offer, from the Portuguese to the British, to the numerous places of worship and breathtaking beaches. You've come to the perfect site if you want to travel to Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, and experience all the undiscovered beauties that nobody else does. Our intention is to help you. With the trips and events, we have lined up, your time with us will be the finest ever.

Batticaloa-Sri Lanka

The little town of Batticaloa, usually referred to as "Batti" for short, is situated on Sri Lanka's east coast and exudes a relaxed and serene atmosphere. Beautiful palm trees and lagoons line the perimeter of the serene city. This town in the east of Sri Lanka is also simple to get to thanks to its accessibility to roads, the train, and the bridge that connects to the causeway. You may enjoy the genuine Tamil culture and way of life in this town, which is rich in customs and culture. The ideal way to visit Batticaloa, a small city, is on foot so that you can fully immerse yourself in its culture and take in its magnificent cathedrals and forts. However, you can also rent a bike, a private car or van, or use rickshaws or the Sri Lankan bus to get around the city.

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The start time of your voyage is up to you between 08:00 to 17:00. Passenger is free to choose. By discussing your preference for a morning cruise or a sunset cruise with us, you can decide on the optimal time. We want you to have a fantastic day, so we're always here to help. Your pickup will take place at Batticaloa Beach. Usually, we budget for a 90-minute journey. You may, however, speak with us regarding the timing. We'll drop you off in the same location when your voyage is complete. Depending on your needs, you can choose the finest option we have prepared for you. The places you can go on this tour are listed below.


The Mahatma Gandhi Park, which is a great area to relax and take in views of Batti's historic waterfront, is just a few kilometers from the Batticaloa Fort. However, despite the fact that there is no direct connection to the inspirational Indian leader, it is dedicated to him in honor of the tremendous efforts he made to promote peace. The Batticaloa Development Project, which aims to give city dwellers greater recreational space, is what led to the establishment of the park.

The wide park's lengthy paths, which include a variety of interesting features, are ideal for family picnics, gatherings, and physical activity. You might also see some fisherman and other small boats going about their daily business since it is situated on the waterfront of the Batticaloa Lagoon. The park has all you need to unwind and consider the fascinating culture and lives of the people of Batticaloa, especially when combined with the history of the Batticaloa Gate. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some rare bird species resting on the treetops.


The Batticaloa Lighthouse, which is in the neighborhood of Paalameenmadu, is a relic that serves as a reminder of the colonial past that still resonates across the city for many visitors. The British government constructed the Batticaloa Lighthouse in 1913 to aid numerous seafarers traveling from abroad in the past. The lighthouse, which was constructed on the suburb's easternmost point, is situated immediately where the Indian Ocean and Batticaloa Lagoon converge, making the 28-meter-tall building visible to all ships approaching from the east. Additionally, the building serves as a park where many of families and friends may unwind and enjoy the magnificent views of the lagoon and the ocean.

The Batticaloa Lighthouse and its rural surrounds are wonderful places to unwind and explore the more tranquil side of city life. The Batticaloa Lighthouse is a perfect spot to take in some breathtaking views of the adjacent waterways, with huge ships in the distance, little outrigger canoes carrying fisherman, and the colourful flora and fauna.

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Leading boat manufacturer in Sri Lanka, ANA Marine Lanka, aims to be the largest boat manufacturer in South Asia by offering boats and other FRP goods of unmatched quality. The team is always working to create the next ground-breaking boat by meticulously molding, developing, and fine-tuning every component of each boat. The boat has a 7.62-meter length and a 3-meter width. On this yacht, ten passengers can board and have a clear view of everything around them. It is simple to turn due to its low length. As a result, you may enjoy your experience to the fullest.


Fabricante: Ana Marine
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