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This is a classic 30mm marine plywood board passenger boat in fantastic shape. refurbished and updated in april 2016, with more updates at the end of 2021. reform. It was formerly dedicated to daily visitor excursions, but it was decided to utilize it for private parties with all types of amenities, so a full aesthetic and, in particular, technical reform was carried out. Second registration under the Spanish flag, number of passengers - 50 pax. She has a wooden hull (30 mm flat), and the owner claims he is spending in getting the yacht in good shape and ready to sail. He has been working on enhancing the engines. 12 knots is the top speed. It is equipped with three electric refrigerators, an industrial freezer, and a microwave. Two restrooms in accordance with standards, as well as hydraulic steering, a saloon table, and a sun canopy Windlass powered by electricity (powerful Lofrans),CD radio (high performance) + 3 televisions Battery charger (Victron 5000 W charger/inverter) Five electric water pumps plus one motor pump and one manual)

Other accessories:

• Full bar, CCTV, TV camera in engine room, night lights for indoor and outdoor parties, draining floor, soft, high security fungicide, soundproofing engine room

• There is nothing that has to be done to get it up and running. Next inspection in July 2019.

• This is a traditional 30 mm marine plywood wooden passenger boat in outstanding condition that was entirely refurbished and upgraded in April 2016.

Brief overview of the improvements

  • Complete hull overhaul, both dead and living (see video).
  • Shaft, propeller, and rudder cleaning
  • Complete awning, deck, and bridge renovation for new usage, including a wide sundeck and swimming platform.
  • Fitting of high-quality stainless steel railing at the stern and on the awning.
  • Creating big stowage rooms on the deck and within.
  • Install external illumination in the inside using high performance LED spotlights with low power consumption, as well as color programmable LED strips.
  • The same in the three locker rooms and the engine room.
  • Adding flat ailerons at the stern to increase transverse stability.
  • The installation of ducting throughout the below deck for forced ventilation with two high capacity air extractors to avoid moisture, mould, and odors. - Renewal of all bilge pumps.


  • In the steering room, the steering piston is dismantled, and valves are renewed and cleaned to maximize service life and operation.
  • Rudder disassembly and cleaning of rudder shafts
  • Replace the bridge's steering pump with a more powerful and modern one.
  • Replacement of hydraulic pipes used to control the rudder.
  • New morse control and rudder cables
  • New hydraulic lines for rudder control
  • Installation of new Morse control and control wires in the engine room
  • Installation of a "Lofrans" windlass with a high power rating and 80 meters of 10 mm chain

Engines (2 volvo tmd 120 a of 235 kw. working engines)

  • Removal and replacement of all principal salt water supply pipelines and filters, as well as complete cleaning and repair of corroded parts.
  • Injection pump dismantling, cleaning, and repair of problems using an authorized hydraulic test.
  • All injectors must be replaced.
  • All injectors must be replaced.
  • Exhaust manifold replacement
  • Turbocharger and exhaust system disassembly, cleaning, and adjustment
  • Pipe and silencer renewal
  • Exhaust pipe and silencer renewal
  • Minor repairs to pipes, lines, pipes and silencers
  • Exhaust pipe and silencer replacement
  • Minor repairs to piping, wiring, etc.
  • Replace the alternators with new 100 A alternators to provide adequate charging of the service batteries and the 220 V converter. A suitable regulator was also fitted.
  • All bottom taps must be replaced.


  •  Complete 12 and 24 V supply network replacement
  •  Installation of a new power supply network
  • Setting up a new 220V power supply network.
  • The installation of a set of eight 225 A batteries (1,824 A of available energy) to power the following converter/charger.
  • Install a 225 A converter/charger (1,824 A available energy) to feed the converter/chargers listed below.
  • Install a 5,000 W Victron 5000 converter/charger to provide the 220 V mains supply for cold rooms, refrigerators, microwaves, jacuzzis, televisions, and other 220 V consumption locations. This means no noise, no emissions, no problems, and no upkeep. - The installation of a service battery group operating monitor and an emergency GMDSS.
  • Control system/service battery conversion to GMDSS batteries. Navigation
  • Installation of a navigation light monitor/alarm system.
  • Setup of a new high-performance Raymarine chart plotter
  • Replacement of the transducer for the navigation lights
  • Setup of a new high-performance Raymarine chart plotter
  • Replace depth sounder transducer with high-performance transducer
  • AIS class A repair
  • AIS class A repair
  • AIS integration with Raymarine chart plotter
  • Raymarine chart plotter radar integration
  • Raymarine chart plotter radar integration
  • Raymarine chart plotter radar integration

Fire Fighting

  • Complete overhaul of the fire prevention system.
  • Co2 canisters - Fire extinguishers
  • Overhaul and commissioning of the fire pump, including pipe cleaning and bottom tap replacement
  • Repair and overhaul of the fire detection/alarm system. Customer Service And Comfort
  • Complete engine room soundproofing.
  • Jacuzzi
  • Installation of four custom-made and interconnected fresh water tanks totaling 630 litres. In compliance with DGMM rules, the structure is made of fiberglass that has been coated with many coatings of isophthalic resin.
  • Setup of a hot fresh water network.
  • Installation of a hot and cold fresh water system, including a pump and an instantaneous heater, in the toilets, bar, and swimming platform. The latter has a shower/jet shower with a spiral tube reaching the toilets to flush them into the sea in the event of vomiting, etc.
  • 3 televisions, 2 in the solarium and 1 in the interior, with choices to monitor security cameras, client corporate videos, picture playback, or regular television. Everything is managed from the bridge.
  • Marine "Fusion" sound system with high-quality speakers throughout the boat and separate volume control in three locations, controlled from the bridge or the bar area. Bluetooth, cable, wifi, and pendrive may all be used to connect to any sound source.
  • High-quality cushions throughout the boat with "Aquafilter" cushioning that does not soak through after washing.
  • White leatherette roof liner in various lengths with velcro for quick roof wiring harness repairs.
  • The construction of two new toilets that are pleasant, light, and suitably proportioned.
  • The installation of playground flooring. Drainage, fall absorber, fungicide, and modular, detachable component pieces for roof maintenance are all included.


  • Also found in all four lockers
  •  Programmable decorative colored LED strips under the bar and internal seats Life-Saving Features
  • Exemption from using a life raft (no annual maintenance costs)
  • Replacement of ALL life rafts (no annual maintenance costs)
  • All life jackets must be renewed.
  • Transfer of all life jackets
  • Relocation of all life-saving equipment on the canopy with hydrostatic release mechanisms (not compulsory on this boat). Safety
  • Security camera system with continuous recording and storage for 15 days in the stern, bow, and interior.
  • Engine room camera viewable from the bridge.


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Manufacturer : Local Built
Model : Passenger boat
Length (meters) : 18
Width (meters) : 4.60
Draft (meters) : 1.40
Engine: in HP : 638
Max Auth. Capacity: 50
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2000 ltr
Fresh Water Capacity: 2000 ltr
Max. Speed (in Kn): 12.00 kn
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 12.00 kn

Listing Status

Sale Option : Negotiable
Manufactured Country: Spain
Condition: Fully Operational
Year of first Registration: 2016
Flag:   Spain
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