43 m Brand-New Steel Yacht for sale

Suez Canal, Egypt

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Motor Yacht

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Motor Yacht


Custom Made

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Brand New


Proudly combines the best of Spanish design and Egyptian steel-work.

This all-steel yacht gives the new owner the chance to implement their own vision in its finishing. It is Designed and approved by Insenaval, Spain and is currently in its last stages of construction in Egypt.

 Any boating expert will not find it hard to recognize the value of this yacht’s steel work and the equipment included within the deal. The yacht only needs interior finishing (wood and glass) and exterior paint, which means the new owner can also choose their own design that fits the purpose behind buying. A 3D model is also attached and would cost in the range of 300 K.


 All registration and inspection certificates are available.


 L: 43 m


B: 9.5 m

D: 4.5 m

T: 2.4 m

 Equipped with a remote controlled electronic Marina bridge, for boarding and exiting the yacht. (video available)


 3 floors + sundeck + kitchen + restaurant + 10 staff rooms + 13 guest rooms


Tank top 1.7 m and a complete tank area (gas, water, balance, empty)


1st floor: 2.8 m

2nd floor: 2.5 m

3rd floor: 2.5 m


Main Captain’s cabin + upper captain’s cabin on the sundeck 


Current weight: 340 tons 

steel 37 and 44 

All steel work is done

paint for all surface area (11000 m2): Bremer brand


Plumbing, flush system, hot and cold, machinery cooling, machinery feeding, exhaust, sprinkles, air conditioning.


2 caterpillar engines 1200 HP each are installed

2 Propellers (5 m and 120cm diameter) stainless steel 316: installed 

2 blades 1.4 m diameter installed 

All requirements for propeller installation are available (2 ovens, cupper, coupling, bracket)


2 steering wheels with pillars installed 

Mobile scaffold that comes in and out; installed 

2 silent generators 125 Kilo Volt Ampere each: installed 

Position for a power stressor is prepared 

Water cutters for bathrooms installed 

Steering system installed


Merchandise that is available in the warehouse but hasn’t been installed yet: 

1- Power stressor 

2- General electricity panel 2.4*2*0.6 (Shneider electric)

3- 14 electric panels for all the yacht (Shneider electric) 

4- electric cables 

5- 2 water heaters 

6- 12 underwater light bulbs

7- 2 desalting stations

8-24 marine air-conditioned, salt water cooling system 

9- 2 stainless steel front winches for anchor

10- 2 stainless steel back winches for speed boats 

11- captain seats

12- 4 propeller controllers

13- complete isolation material for the yacht 

14-  kitchen utensils 



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Manufacturer : Egyption House
Model : Custom Made
No. Cabin : 23
Length (meters) : 43
Width (meters) : 9.5
Draft (meters) : 4.5
Square area (sq.m.): 11000
Building Material: steel
Exterior Style & Concept: Insenaval Spain

Listing Status

Sale Option : Negotiable
Manufactured Country: Egypt
Condition: Brand New
Year of first Registration: 2019
Flag:   Egypt
Tax & Other Contingencies :


Including Furnitures
Official papers intact
No conflict over ownership
No claims or suit
No liability
No hidden charges
Smooth Transfer


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.

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Listing since Dec 2021

Starting: £1,480,000
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