Sale Max 510 Lagunero Hybrid Truck Motor boat in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina

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Motor Boat

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Motor Boat


Max 510 Lagunero Hybrid Truck

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Fully Operational


It features a double bottom, seat-type waterproof bow, bench-type centre watertight (optional), and engine-carrying aft tray, which forms an overstructure that makes it unbreakable. Rivers, lagoons, and shallow streams are ideal. Everything listed above is included in the standard model, as well as a bow eye and stern drain stop. Its construction is entirely constructed of fiberglass and high-quality polyester resins (PRFV), its phenolic or marine plywood elements are floor and mirror, which are totally coated in GRP, giving it a prolonged usable life, the grid or low-depth frames are created in PRFV, achieving a 0 maintenance structure,its bow and central watertight as well as the stern tray are made entirely of PRFV, they can be drilled to make storage hatches without problems, they already work properly independent of the double bottom, so the boat does not lose buoyancy in an emergency.
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Manufacturer : Local builder
Model : Max 510 Lagunero Hybrid Truck
Length (meters) : 5.1
Width (meters) : 1.70
Engine: in HP : 35
Max Auth. Capacity: 5

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Condition: Fully Operational
Year of first Registration: 2022
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Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.


Listing since Jan 2022

Starting: £120,000
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