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Cambrils, Spain

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Motor Boat

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Motor Boat


Cherokee 30

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Fully Operational


Our flagship boat is a really adaptable working boat with cutting-edge design and technology for off-the-beach water sports. It's ride quality and handling are second to none in the industry, thanks to 25 years of painstaking thinking, research, testing, and design, and her elegant lines turn many heads as she rips through the waves.

Designed for single or double crew operation, our innovative winch control, which uses foot action by the helmsman, allows steering and parasailing from a single position.

Even at low speeds, it provides quick handling and a level, smooth ride when fully accelerated. The boat's precision balance enables for a smooth horizontal rise into the plane with no bow rising or loss of forwarding visibility, which is critical while operating in congested waterways.

This combination offers the best of both worlds, thanks to the dependable Yanmar 370 hp diesel engine and the equally robust ZF "V" drive gearbox. Direct power take-off for the hydraulic winch drive, as well as completely dependable shaft propulsion Our boats are long-lasting and cost-effective, offering a return to the parasail boat operator for many years.

The boat employs a revolutionary 100mm stainless steel arch with an autonomous launch mechanism capable of deploying up to 44ft diameter parasails required to lift three people to an amazing 1000 feet in the air.

The innovative deep V hull (43 degrees to 24 degrees) provides an incredibly pleasant and dry ride. This is paired with flared chines, which reduce drag while creating high lift zones for simple planing and stability. All of this enables the owner to continue operating safely in wind and water conditions long after other parasail boats have been forced to stop flying.

Even if the weather prevents you from parasailing, the boat's peak speed of 35 knots (according to circumstances and loading) allows you to generate money from your water sports business by offering waterskiing, wake boarding, banana excursions, and thrilling rides for up to 12 people.

The design is so superb that it is certified not only as a class C (RCD Certification – European Community) offshore boat, but also as a complete class B capable of crossing open seas.

Lloyds molding standards were followed. The deep V hull is built using Balsa sandwich heavy duty longitudinal and transverse reinforcing beams.

The combination of L and U beam deck bonding produces a very robust rubbing strake attachment that is accessible and removable without compromising main hull integrity. Engines, winches, and heavy-duty equipment are fastened to steel mountings enclosed in fiberglass.

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Manufacturer : Local Built
Model : Cherokee 30
Length (meters) : 9.20
Width (meters) : 2.00
Draft (meters) : 1.05
Engine: in HP : 370
Engine Type : Inboard
Square area (sq.m.): 18.4
Max Auth. Capacity: 12
Fuel Tank Capacity: 450 ltr
Building Material: polyester-fiber

Listing Status

Sale Option : Negotiable
Manufactured Country: Spain
Condition: Fully Operational
Year of first Registration: 2011
Flag:   Spain
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Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.


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