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We supply a wide product range of modular floating buoys that you can build out of it anywhere on the water surface. We deal in several navigation buoys type and sizes you can choose from to build your own custom structure. These varied mooring buoys we offer are widely used for installing a station on the water for a secured marine navigation. We know how the solutions can be provided either for standard marina requirements or bespoke custom requirements of the order. You can design your own buoys wiht our highly strong and ever-lasting qualitative products. The special rubber fittings that allow the flexible and rigid movement of the system that serves to overcome the adverse weather conditions without damage to them. The parts used in the product are all corrosion resistant. Our morring and mussel buoys installations can respond to all applications on water, and can be used for both private and commercial purpose. Each part of the dock are designed with rotation technology, self-floating, and be easily installed with a connector called Coupler. A custom design can be created with different sizes and structures available based on the need.


- Various Dock Applications
- Doesn't require maintenance
- Diverse fixing possibilities
- Functional accessories
- Multi-purpose modular design
- Safe connection rubbers
- Durability and flexibility
- Secure non-slip surface for season use

Various Dock Applications

- Marinas
- Hotels and restaurants
- Camps, Parks and Recreation Areas
- Government and Military
- Special events (concert, wedding competition, festival, fair)
- Fishing ports and landing wharf industrial solutions (generator, drilling, water inlet construction construct, working platforms)
- Floating docks and bridges

Our navigation buoys are produced according to IALA standard and colours in 1,25m - 1,75m-2m-2,20m -2,50m - 3m. the buoy is produced from high strength polyethylene material and can withstand rough sea conditions for many years.

- The float towers are easily changeable, wide steps and guardrails are produced to occupational health and safety standards.
- The body is produced from 4 parts and these parts can be separated from each other.
- The surface of the polyethylene body is non slip.
- The shaft passing through the body is manufactured from hot dip galvanizing.
- The inside of the polyethylene body is polystyrene or polyurethane filled.
- All connection bolts use 316L stainless steel.
- The swivel of the chain link is based on 5 tons of breaking force.
- Aluminium used in its surface is manufactured from sea water resistant material.
- Radar reflectors and beacons table are available.
- The battery room cover is completely waterproof.
- Navigation buoys consist of IALA top mark, radar reflector, optional solar light, guard rail, battery room, lifting,
- shackle, rotational molded polyethylene body, ballast weight, center mill, and mooring connector.

Mussel Buoys

In recent years, there have been tremendous developments in methods of breeding on buoys. The ropes hanging over the mussel buoys are dependent on each other. As one machine places them in the sea, it collects all the ropes at harvest time and harvests easily, thus saving a lot of labour.

Aquaculture sites can be a major hazard for marine navigation, depending on the location and depth of the water. The hazard is even greater still if sites are not properly marked. Both small and large vessels being used for recreation and commercial purposes share the same waterways where mussel farmers work. It is for this reason that understanding and using the proper mussel farm marker buoys is critical.

Our superior high performance mussel floats are designed and manufactured for the most demanding conditions. Ideal for inshore and offshore locations, they are proven in the most exposed conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, and can significantly improve the profitability of mussel farming enterprises.

Mooring Buoys

Our buoys are highly practical thanks to their design. They can also be produced with special hot dip galvanized metal brackets. They are manufactured in different sizes and filled with polyurethane.

This product can also be offered to customers with a special hot-dip galvanized metal bracket. It comes in different product designs and measurements.


Some of our past supplies and installations in various parts of major cities in the world can be observed on the image gallery above. 


Send us a message with the information; Name and company, email address, phone/whatsapp number, quantity required (min. order upon negotation for the chosen dock-type), type required (see samples above), any custom requirements, Sign: Person/Company

Alternatively, to access and print out our order form please view and print the from here.

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