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We specialize in supplying top-quality marine parts and offshore equipment, including floating pontoons, docks, fender systems, mooring equipment, deck equipment, outfitting equipment, power equipment, propulsion equipment, electric equipment, life-saving equipment, fire safety equipment, and more. Our commitment goes beyond delivering standard products; we also excel in custom design, tailoring solutions to our clients' specific requirements based on their drawings and samples. All our products adhere to SOLAS standards, approved by government administrations, and certified according to MED, CCS, GL, RS, USCG, BV regulations.

Experience the ultimate in watercraft convenience with our Marina Floating Dock Jet Ski Pontoons and Floating Platforms. Elevate your waterfront lifestyle by providing a secure and stable platform for your jet ski or personal watercraft. Our floating docks are designed for easy access and storage, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable water adventure. Whether for residential or commercial use, our innovative solutions redefine the way you interact with the water, offering unparalleled accessibility and peace of mind for your aquatic pursuits.


Plastic pontoon

Plastic pontoons, revolutionizing watercraft design, offer a durable and versatile solution for various marine applications. Crafted from high-quality, lightweight plastics, these pontoons provide excellent buoyancy and stability. Their modular design allows for easy assembly, making them suitable for floating docks, jetties, and water platforms. The robust construction ensures resistance to corrosion, UV degradation, and marine organisms, enhancing their longevity. Plastic pontoons are eco-friendly, as they are recyclable and contribute to sustainable waterfront solutions. Whether used for marinas, boat docks, or floating structures, plastic pontoons are a reliable and environmentally conscious choice in the evolving realm of marine engineering.

Safe and durable

Safe and durable, our products prioritize both reliability and longevity. Engineered with stringent safety standards in mind, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry regulations. From marine equipment to offshore installations, our offerings are crafted from high-quality materials, providing robustness against harsh environmental conditions. The durability of our products is evident in their ability to withstand corrosion, UV exposure, and intense operational demands. Our commitment to safety and durability goes beyond mere compliance, emphasizing a lasting and dependable solution for various applications. Choose our products for a secure and long-lasting investment in quality and performance.

Maintenance free

Our products are designed with a commitment to hassle-free ownership, ensuring a maintenance-free experience for our customers. Engineered using durable materials and innovative technology, our offerings are built to withstand the test of time without compromising performance. Say goodbye to frequent upkeep and time-consuming maintenance tasks, as our products are crafted to require minimal care while delivering optimal results. Enjoy peace of mind with our maintenance-free solutions, allowing you to focus on the benefits and functionality of our products without the burden of continuous maintenance efforts. Choose reliability, efficiency, and a worry-free experience with our maintenance-free offerings.

Environmentally friendly

Our environmentally friendly Marina Floating Dock Jet Ski Pontoons and Floating Platforms are designed with a strong commitment to sustainability. Crafted from eco-conscious materials, these solutions prioritize minimal environmental impact while providing reliable and durable functionality. Our marina products are engineered to harmonize with nature, ensuring that marine life and ecosystems remain undisturbed. Embrace a green and responsible approach to water-based activities with our environmentally friendly solutions, where innovation meets ecological consciousness. Experience the perfect blend of performance, durability, and environmental responsibility with our Marina Floating Dock Jet Ski Pontoons and Floating Platforms.

Easy installing and dismantling

Our Marina Floating Dock Jet Ski Pontoons and Floating Platforms boast a user-friendly design that ensures easy installation and dismantling. With a focus on convenience and efficiency, these marine solutions are engineered to provide a hassle-free experience for users. The straightforward assembly process allows for quick setup, making these pontoons and platforms an ideal choice for marinas, waterfronts, and recreational spaces. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of use that comes with our innovative design, ensuring that your water-based activities can be effortlessly enjoyed without the complexities of installation. Simplify your docking experience with our Marina Floating Dock Jet Ski Pontoons and Floating Platforms.

Floating pontoon cubes

1.Unlimited Number of Construction: The pontoons of the construction can adapt to any specific lakeside residen's needs and can be assembled to correnspond with the shape or size you have in mind. The possible number of construction is unlimited.


2.Fast and Easy to Assemble: Only 2 people are needed to put together 50 cubes in a one hour period.The pontoon construction is very simple, blocks held together tightly and filmly with special connecting pins. All parts are light weight and easy to handle.


3.Light Weight, Robust and Safe: The safety aspect of nautical products is very important. This is why we had rigorous tests. Amongst its satety characteristics there are: great stablility of our dock, its loading capacity and also its non-slip surface.


4.Economy: Ocean pontoon is low maintenance and upkeep. You will waste no more time, money or long work hours to redo it year after year like with conventional wood or metal constrction.


Configuration Parts

Connection Pin Size: Dia. 185*48*245mm It is used to lock the pontoon lugs together. When the pin is pushed in and turned, a quarter turn locks the cube lugs together using two different locking systems. This ensures a superior locking.


Side Fixation with Nut Size: Dia. 95*205mm The bolt and nut are used around the outside edge of the modular system assembly. Where tow float edges meet, the two lugs are locked together by the nut and bolt side fixation.


Distance Disc Size:Dia. 96*32mm, Dia. 96*16mm Pontoons are equipped with 4 lugs, position at various heights. Due to the sapce created between them, the spacer will be used to fill this empty space. Sapcers are mainly used for the side fixation assemble.


Boat Cleat Size: Dia. 76*250mm Cleat used to anchor your boat to the dock

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Model : Floating Dock

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