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We supply a wide product range of modular floating docks. We deal in several dock types that can be used for building floating platforms, boat trailers, boat ramps, boat pontoons, jetski pontoons, seaside house with yacht mooring, pontoon bookings for boating fairs etc. The varied docks we offer are also hugely used for building drive on docks platforms, floating security barriers, floating debris barriers, pipe floaters, navigation buoys, mooring buoys etc. at our own design aspects. We know how the solutions can be provided either for standard marina requirements or bespoke custom requirements. You can design your own pontoon or any floating platforms with our highly strong and ever-lasting qualitative dock products.

These are special rubber fittings that allow the movement of the system under adverse weather conditions; therefore they overcome the adverse weather conditions without damage to your watercrafts/products. The parts used in the product are all corrosion resistant. Our docks can respond to all applications on water. These docks can be used for both personal and commercial applications. Each part of the dock are designed with rotation technology, self-floating, and be easily installed with a connector called Coupler. A custom design can be created with 4 different sizes available.

Our docks can be installed in all areas including protected and exposed sites with frequent waves and varying wind conditions due to flexibility of cubes. Sunnydock cubes are adaptable to adverse weather conditions due to their flexibility on the waves. They are a available in 4 different sizes, which are 50x50x40cm, 50x50x25 cm, 508100x40 cm and 50x100x25 cm. Sunnydock is made of high density polyethylene, by using the blow molding method. These raw materials are UV-resistant, 100% recyclable, and they are resistant to corrosion, acids, gases and hydrocarbons.

Our modular dock system can be integrated into an existing dock; it can be EASILY and QUICKLY installed and reformed. In addition to this, the configuration layout can be easily modified. This is suitable for personal use as well as in many other applications such as fish farms, swimming pools, marina docking solutions, water sports complexes.

The types of floating docs we offer supply and installations are:

  • Floating security barrier docks
  • Floating marine docks
  • Floating debris barrier docks
  • Dock Pipe floaters
  • Dock lane markers
  • Pontoon Docks


- Various Dock Applications
- Doesn't require maintenance
- Diverse fixing possibilities
- Functional accessories
- Multi-purpose modular design
- Safe connection rubbers
- Durability and flexibility
- Secure non-slip surface for season use

Various Dock Applications

- Marinas
- Hotels and restaurants
- Camps, Parks and Recreation Areas
- Government and Military
- Special events (concert, wedding competition, festival, fair)
- Fishing ports and landing wharf industrial solutions (generator, drilling, water inlet construction construct, working platforms)
- Floating docks and bridges

Some of our past supplies and installations in various parts of major cities in the world can be observed on the image gallery above. 



Send us a message with the information; Name and company, email address, phone/whatsapp number, quantity required (min. order upon negotation for the chosen dock-type), type required (see samples above), any custom requirements, Sign: Person/Company

Alternatively, to access and print out our order form please view and print the from here.

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