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A spectacular Catamaran VIP Restaurant and Club Boat is offered for sale through us. As a result, we are glad to propose this exceptional company opportunity for purchase through unique arrangements. The owner claims that she is lovingly recognized as Ibiza's greatest nightclub, and that "she boasts one of the top entertainment sound systems in the world." This boat's technical specifications are remarkable, due to a comprehensive overhaul in 2014. Details may be found in the sales specification that we developed. Please keep in mind that the remarks and notes have been taken and translated from the documents given by the owner's legal representatives.

The price is negotiable. The Catamaran Restaurant dresses up to provide the Mediterranean with a one-of-a-kind cultural and gourmet experience at sea. A package that covers everything, including a quiet restaurant room, play areas for children, 45m2 of large windows with magnificent underwater views, 4 underwater lounges, solarium, and Balinese chill-out beds, assuring unique luxury while exploring the island's aquatic life. A distinct new and complimentary offering to the present one. Exclusive celebrity meals Our restaurant area entices with its vast dimensions and decorative accents, creating a pleasant and romantic environment. Our daily excursions provide breathtaking views of the sea and its surrounds. Comfort, air conditioning, and warmth on board extend the activity's season. Inside and outside the ship, there is a soundproof disco space with one of the greatest sound systems in the world. Special effects and comfort have been devised for gatherings with up to 350 people. The service in the VIP sections and drink bars is excellent.

The Best Grandstand For Events With Up To 350 Guests

Several world-renowned corporations have entrusted us with the execution of their events. Nemesis boasts a stunning "Flydeck" solarium. It is without a doubt an excellent view position for regattas and other activities held at or near the water. Seeing the fireworks from a luxurious yacht is definitely out of the norm.


• Starboard Side Type Deutz-MWM-TBD 234 V 12

• Power 774 BHP

• Serial no 234 12 02422

• Hours 5067 Hours 3

• Note Fully overhauled in 2014 refit

• Port side Type Deutz-MWM-TBD 234 V 12

• Power 774 BHP

• Serial no 234 12 02423

• Hours 4875 Hours

• Note Fully overhauled in 2014 refit

• Both Engines fully overhauled in 2014 refit.


• Starboard side Type Kohler 70EFOZD

• Power 1500 RPM, 88 KVA, 70 kW, 133 A, 380 V Hours Generator is new & installed upon 2014 refit

• Port side Type Kohler 70EFOZD

• Power 1500 RPM, 88 KVA, 70 kW, 133 A, 380 V Hours Generator is new & installed upon 2014 refit

• Both Generators are new & were installed upon 2014 refit.


• Starboard side Type Schottel Pump Jet -SPJ 130 II Serial no 906

• Port side Type Schottel Pump Jet -SPJ 130 II Serial no 907

• Schottel Computer ID No 1092932 Constr. No 56906 Serial No 906/907

• Schottel Steering Controls Manual Schottel Copilot,

• 3x Adaptive Automatic Schottel Masterpilot,

• Emergency Joystick,

• Microtecnica Spernauta Automatic Control Autopilot combined with Schottel.

• Both Schottel units have been serviced by

• Schottel engineers in June 2014.

Reduction Gear

• Starboard and Port sides Type Reintjes WVS 334


• Starboard side Type Stamford UCM 274023 Serial no 03261/1

• Port side Type Stamford UCM 274023 Serial no 03261/2

Navigation, Communication & Bridge Equipment

• Microtecnica Autopilot Supernauta system MP37

• Compass Gyro Type Microtecnica Polorio MK 2

• Serial No 2281

• Gyro Control Unit Type MB 20 –W

• Serial No 2228 • Magnetic Compass Type Francesco Fuselli FF 3

• Model 679

• Serial No 92045


• Producer Selesmar/Italy

• Starboard Side Model PDU

• Serial No M 102

• Produc. No. 105C204

• Port Side Model PDU

• Serial No M 103

• Produc. No 105C204


• Sailor 2182 Watch keeping Receiver

• Sailor Compact HF Transmitter

• Sailor Compact HF Receiver

• Sailor Compact VHF

• Sailor Compact Loudspeaker

• Sailor VHF Power Supply

• SEA-TEL TV At Sea System Remote Camera Control System 5

• Camera system consisting of 8 Video Cameras in different parts of the ship and 8 monitors in the bridge for controlling Engine rooms, restaurant and outside for maneuvering


• Bridge controlled Public address, announcement and music system throughout the ship. TV and Video connection stations throughout the ship.

• Cd player, cassette player, RCF public address, tuner, pre amplifier, video player etc.

Safety and fire fighting equipmentLife Rafts:

• 10 units, 35 persons/unit

• 2 units, 51 persons/unit

• 1 unit, 50 persons/unit

• 1 unit, 25 persons/unit

• All units were tested/re-inspected & certified in 2014 & have certificates

Fire Fighting

• Main Fire Alarm Panel in Bridge,

• Fixed System CO2 Gas for engine rooms,

• Portable CO2, Foam and dry powder fire extinguishers,

• Fire lines and hydrants,

• Fire hoses and nozzles,

• Smoke and heat detecting system in engine rooms and all other sections.


• Rescue boat lifting davits Manufacturer Pellegrini

• Type GRU SAR-1-R

• Serial No 8789

• Constr. No 238

• Rescue boat 1 ZODIAC RIBO 450, Evinrude 40 hp

• Emergency breathing equipment

• Life Jackets 446 pieces


• SART Acr

• See attached Flag Approved Safety & Fire Plan


• Producer Posidonia, 430 kg

• 2 X Anchor 430 kg, chain and related hydraulics (one anchor is to be installed at 2014-2015 refit) 

Bilge Pumps (4)

• Starboard side Type Lenti 430 mc/h discharge 32 m head

• Serial no 16230/16231

• Port side Type Lenti, 430 mc/h discharge 32 m head

• Serial no 16232/16233

Waste water treatment

• Manufac. KG Hamann wassertechnik GmbH

• Type HL-Cont • Serial no 3969

Aircondition and Ventilation

• Manufacturer Frigit

• 2 X 3compressors Chiller units 400.000 BTU, Reverse cycle

• Fan-Coil system • Telemechanique automatic control panel at bridge


• Electric Oven New 2014 refit

• Electric Oven New 2014 refit

• Dish Washer Manufacturer Hobart

• Model MCH-11-4

• Serial No 86803-TL 9107

• Refrigerator Foster

• Ice Maker Scotsma

• The whole galley is made completely from stainless steel including walls and work areas.

• Including a cool room for storage.

Present condition, resgistration & upgrading of the vessel

The vessel in order to re-obtain her Classification with R.I.N.A. and her Registration under Spanish Flag as a Class D (EU Passenger Vessel Directive 2010/36) passenger vessel authorized for a capacity of 368 passengers (see “Despacho Temporal”/”Temporary Dispatch Note” in Annex I), accomplished a 2014 refit (March 2014-August 2014 at Varadero Denia, Alicante Spain). Also as part of the modifications to apply to the vessel for the intended use, she is to have as part of her next 2014-2015 refit

• Exterior hull topsides & exterior superstructure repainted (warranty from 2014 refit),

• New forecastle installed in order to upgrade fore freeboard to allow classification as C or B passenger vessel.

• To install automatic sprinkler fire suppression system as requested by EU Passenger Directive 2010/36 for Class C or B

• Upgrade of Schottel Propulsion system controls

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Manufacturer : Lacal built
Model : Sisemen
No. Berths : 127
Length (meters) : 36.3
Width (meters) : 10.60
Draft (meters) : 2.30
Engine: in HP : 774
Square area (sq.m.): 384.78
Max Auth. Capacity: 350
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 13.00 kn

Listing Status

Sale Option : Negotiable
Manufactured Country: Spain
Condition: Fully Operational
Year of first Registration: 1992
Flag:   Spain
Tax & Other Contingencies :


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.


Listing since Jun 2022

Starting: £2,688,000
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