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Greetings from, Ron

The leading yacht charter operator in Dubai. We've been operating since 2006 with our own fleet of yachts pioneering in yacht charters, tours, events, parties and beyond. We offer a luxurious charter experience served by our highly maintained and professional crew. All our 20+ fleet of luxury yacht, houseboats and RIBs have been registered in compliance to UAE regulations and the governing Municipality departing. Our professional Captains and Crew ensure the best hospitality to your spectacular sailing experience of sight-seeing, tours along the Dubai's famous landmarks and coastlines. 

Why choose us? 

  • The most appraised Luxury Yacht Charter Company in Dubai
  • Operational 24/7
  • Professional service & staff
  • Largest fleet of self owned yachts in the UAE
  • Ability to offer redundancy yachts in case of malfunction
  • Well maintained fleet
  • Highly trained captains and crew
  • Ethically run, Western managed company
  • Superb customer service

A feeling of sound calmness and safety by our guests whilst on board is our top concern. Our crew members are highly trained and licensed professionals to ensure the utmost safety of our guests. 

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