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Greetings from, Flamingo Boat Safari

Welcome to a great boat safari experience on our 24 seater and 7 seater motor boat. Enjoy the safari along the coastal marine of Mangrove forest and Airoli Creek, closely observing the breathtaking glimpse of Flamingos and other populat water habitats in the area. Flamingos can be best seen now. Take a boat ride to see them up close. It is better you get a personal binocular to see them closer since we will need to stop at a distance so the birds are not bothered. Flamingos have a famous habit of standing on one leg. Watch this amazing creature on how majestic they look in their fleets. Those long and lanky legs, seems like locking their leg into place effortlessly standing for hours is amazing on it's own.

Your safari is organised at different timings in a day. It's a 1 hour boat sail with different time slots based on the weekday or the weekend you are booking the safari for. We operate 3 rides; Ride 1, Ride 2 and Ride 3 in the morning, or the afternoon based on the day schedule. We have a big boat with a capacity of 24 people and a 7 seater motor boat. Per person booking and private charter is available respectively. 

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