How it Works

The KaterBlue concept of matching all types of yachting and boating related services is rather straightforward and elegant is its simplicity. The KaterBlue platform matches boat and yacht sellers with boat and yacht purchasers. In addition, certain people look for boats for charter or to join as crew, certain other people own boats or manage boats, and KaterBlue matches and connect these groups. All listings will be visible to a world wide audience and is free of charge.


Instead of turning to overpriced agencies or boat clubs with burdening monthly fees, boat users can easily find and charter their ideal vessel at the time and place they desire, without obstacles, without further obligations, directly from the boat or yacht owner. Think of it like a kind of Airbnb or Uber, but for boats and yachts. You have a certain date in mind, a certain location – be it your hometown, be it an exotic destination, be it to collate as many sea miles as possible – and maybe other preferences like the type of boat, a captain and crew and, of course, the price. With these parameters set, you click KaterBlue’s search button and in seconds you will be presented with the range of possibilities which fit your desires. The entire process literally takes only few clicks. 


For boat and yacht owners, KaterBlue is equally advantageous. Are you trying to sell your boat or yacht? Create a profile for it on KaterBlue and it will become visible to a world wide audience searching for boats or yachts to purchase. Creating your profile and advertising your boat with us is free of charge. You do not need to commit to a contract or provide us with a retainer. There will not be any objection for you to list it simultaneously with formal yacht sales agents. We will charge you a reasonable commission only if you make money and have agreed to a charter or a sale. For details of these services please browse the corresponding titles her at KaterBlue.