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The right place must be chosen if you want to visit Sri Lanka. We are excited to introduce you Balapitiya. The Madu Ganga River Boat Safari is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka's Southern Province. The Balapitiya neighborhood and the region where the river joins the sea are home to the Madu Ganga River Safari Point. On an exploration tour down the Madu River, which passes through Sri Lanka's wet zone i ...

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The right place must be chosen if you want to visit Sri Lanka. We are excited to introduce you Balapitiya. The Madu Ganga River Boat Safari is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka's Southern Province. The Balapitiya neighborhood and the region where the river joins the sea are home to the Madu Ganga River Safari Point. On an exploration tour down the Madu River, which passes through Sri Lanka's wet zone in the Galle district, learn about the lush mangroves and rich wetland environment of exotic plants, birds, and animals. An unusual river safari aboard a boat that travels through labyrinths of various mangrove forests and miniature islands culminates in a natural foot fish bath. Your family holiday can be expertly planned with our assistance. We strive hard to provide excellent service for the money you pay since it brings us pleasure to make your family's trip special. Our aim is to assist you. The tours and events we have planned will make your time with us the best yet. Our team has years of expertise guiding excursions on the breathtaking Madu River, so they are more than qualified to give you the ride of a lifetime.

Beautifull Madu River

Balapitiya is a seaside community in southwest Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It takes around two hours to travel there from Colombo, which is located 80 kilometers (50 miles) south. The closest settlement to this one is at the Madu River. When visiting the island nation as part of Sri Lanka Tour Packages, Madu River Safari, which is located 19 km from Bentota Railway Station, is one of the top things to do in Bentota. Madu River, a wetland in Balapitiya, is the second-largest in Sri Lanka. The river is exceptionally biodiverse and covers at least 150 acres of land. It has 14 of the 24 types of mangroves found in Sri Lanka. The wetland along the Madu River is one of the last remaining patches of mangrove forest. There is the ideal location to view prawn farms and traditional fishing methods. It is a paradise for ecologists and botanists because it is home to 250 distinct animal species and 300 different plant species.

Things to do during safari

We cordially invite all admirers of the environment to join us as we explore the Madu River. For a better experience, we have planned the following activities for you to partake in while on safari. At 6:00, we'll get started. The tour, which lasts between one and two hours and allows guests to explore a sizable amount of the marsh, is led by our knowledgeable experts and begins near the Madu River's mouth in Balapitiya. Numerous aquatic bird, animal, and plant species are protected while the boat navigates through deep mangrove forests. A chance to witness crocodiles, river snakes, tree snakes, and wild boars in their natural habitats throughout the boat excursion.


Another fascinating thing to do while on the safari is the fish spa in the middle of the river. One will come across a lot of rectangular fish tanks stocked with Gourami fish as they make their way through the mangroves. The primary purpose of these fish tanks is to provide fish therapy. One of the best experiences in Madu Ganga is Doctor Fishes. You receive an excellent foot massage from more than 100 doctor fishes. There are fish of various sizes, too. As a result, you can decide what you want. Therefore, if you go to the Madu Ganga River Safari, you should never miss it. You may take in unimpeded, scenic views of the substantial mangrove forests from the fish spa, which is surrounded by a stunning natural setting.


One of the most visited places is the Kothduwa Buddhist Temple, also known as the Kothduwa Raja Maha Viharaya, which is situated on Kothduwa Island in Madu Ganga. On Kothduwa island on the Maduganga river in southern Sri Lanka, there is a Buddhist temple there. About 35 kilometers north of Galle and 88 kilometers south of Colombo, the island is situated in the Galle District of the Southern Province. Around 340 CE, the temple is thought to have formerly housed the revered artifact known as the Buddha's tooth. The Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi's bud was used to plant the Bodhi tree on the island.


The Madu Ganga river's Cinnamon Island is widely known for its cinnamon production. Because cinnamon is made there using cinnamon trees that are planted there. Additionally, they also make cinnamon oil. Visitors to Cinnamon Island in Madu Ganga are greeted with delectable cinnamon tea. A person also demonstrates to you how to prepare cinnamon and cinnamon oil. You are welcome to purchase their goods as well.


The Madu Ganga's smallest island is Satha Paha Island. During the River safari session, you can see it. Since it resembles the old Sri Lankan 5 cent coin, it is known as Satha Paha Doowa (5 cent island). It also contains a tiny Hindu temple building.


The greatest asset of Madu Ganga is its mangroves, which serve as a bio-lock to the region, protecting the variety of aquatic flora and animals. They serve as habitat for a variety of aquatic plants, crabs, shrimp, fish, crustaceans, and other animals including crocodiles. Mangrove trees can be found all throughout the Madhu Ganges River. The mangrove vegetation is traversed throughout the boat voyage, though. Thus, you will have a wonderful time.

Our Boat

Neil Marine Yachting designed this particular model boat. It is the largest manufacturer of bespoke boats in South Asia. They design and deliver high-end bespoke vessels. They always adhere to international norms and criteria while employing cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials.

Our boat is 5.6 meters long and 3 meters broad. A total of 12 individuals can be moved at the same time. simple to use Depending on the type of production, the beauty of the sea can be easily appreciated. The hull of this boat is made of fiberglass. Fiberglass technology is one of the most popular and well-known technologies in the world. To put it another way, lightweight design. Fiberglass boats are often lighter than wood or other materials. Fiberglass boats are more stable and have superior seakeeping qualities than aluminum boats since they weigh more on average. Fiberglass boats drift more slowly and steadily because they are heavier and less vulnerable to wind buffeting. Even when sailing through high waves and inclement weather, a fiberglass boat provides a solid and silent working environment on the water. When water strikes the bottom or sides of a boat, it does not generate a loud "lapping" noise like an aluminum or wooden boat. This prevents you from yelling at someone on the opposite side of the boat while enjoying your favorite water sport with your friends and family. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about security.

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Manufacturer : Neil Marine
Model : Custom Model
Length (meters) : 5.6
Width (meters) : 3
Max Auth. Capacity: 12

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