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One of the most well-liked vacation spots, Sri Lanka draws explorers of all stripes. It is one of the most culturally rich regions and is rich in myth, mythology, and history. The main city and capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo, which offers a unique fusion of a tropical setting, colonial homes, and a modern cityscape. It was built approximately 800 AD, and history can be found everywhere. You may explore the several temples and indulge in some delectable cuisine while taking in the environment. If you want to enjoy the best possible time at the Colombo Beira Lake, you have made the perfect decision. We are here to give you an excellent experience so that you can have the most enjoyable downtime imaginable. We are really committed to leading the industry in offering exceptional service and raising your travel experience to the next level with lots of excitement through careful preparation and execution in accordance with the needs of our clients.

Bere Lake

The Beira Lake, located near Colombo, Sri Lanka's modern capital, is one of the country's most well-known landmarks. Couples are advised to visit Beira Lake since it is a romantic retreat into the peaceful slumber of the magnificent city. Initially covering an area of more than 410 hectares, the Beira Lake has been reduced to about 160 acres as a result of new development practices. A whole 360-degree experience, including adventure, pilgrimage, a picnic, and pleasure, can be had there.

A stroll by the lake or even the renowned boat trip are enjoyable activities. A small island in the middle of the Beira Lake is the main draw since it offers a couple some seclusion in a beautiful location. Beira Lake is a popular destination for both tourists and locals because there are so many interesting locations to discover there and nearby.

Bere Lake Tour

You can rent a lovely paddle boat in the shape of a swan for thirty minutes. There are 2 seats on these boats. can hold one child and two adults. Use the paddles while having fun on the boat with your special someone. It is an incredibly special, entertaining, peaceful, leisurely, and reasonably priced tour of the well-known lake. Around Beira Lake, you may also witness a variety of animal species, such as herons, swans, pelicans, monitor lizards, ducks, and many kinds of fish.

Our Boat

Our boat, which is shaped like a swan. This is a double hedron hull form that is 3 meters long and 3 meters wide. Fiberglass contraction made using premium Lioyds components. a timeline for fiberglass laminating that complies with the regulations for double-skinned, such-sized boats. Polyurethane foam is used as a structural and buoyant filler between the hull and the seating and floor decks. Easy moment is guaranteed by excellent hull design. These swan boats are designed for use in lakes, large ponds, and island waterways.

FEATURES • Easy maneuverability with central mounted steering wheel. • Least effort on paddles. • 300 degrees visibility range. • Comfortable seats. • Can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids. • 1" stainless steel pipe render all-round the hull. • 1" stainless steel pipe grab rails at entry points.

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Manufacturer : PD Fly Marine
Model : Swan Boat
Length (meters) : 3
Width (meters) : 3
Max Auth. Capacity: 4

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