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Negombo, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of the most popular vacation destinations and attracts adventurers of all kinds. It is a region of myth, folklore, history, and one of the richest cultures. Maybe you enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and leisurely hikes across paths. Perhaps you enjoy unwinding by the water while the sun and a fresh breeze caress your face. Whatever your thrill, Sri Lanka has it all with its top tourist attractions. Perhaps you prefer nightlife, or perhaps you enjoy a little gambling at a casino. Despite its modest size, Sri Lanka is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in addition to various national parks, lush tea estates, sacred sites, and, of course, beaches. Try your hand at blackjack and poker at one of the many casinos after taking a beautiful train trip past plantations and hills. Enjoy regional specialties including flavorful polos, spicy curries, and the peculiar-smelling wood apple. Thrilled yet? You ought to be! There really is no place quite like Sri Lanka with its top tourist destinations, such diversity, and culture.

The most well-liked tourism location in Sri Lanka is Negombo. It is a well-known seaside town in Sri Lanka that gives guests lots of room to unwind. There are several benefits to staying in Negombo, including gorgeous beaches, cooling breezes, and a wide selection of vacation resorts. You have made the right choice if you wish to have the finest possible experience at the Negombo lagoon and mangroves. We are here to make your holiday the best possible by providing you with an outstanding nature experience. Through careful planning and execution in accordance with the needs of our clients, we are genuinely committed to leading the industry in delivering outstanding service and elevating your travel experience to the next level with plenty of excitement.


Negombo, a well-known beach town in Sri Lanka, gives guests plenty of room to unwind. There are several benefits to staying in Negombo, including gorgeous beaches, cooling breezes, and a wide selection of vacation resorts. When it comes to Sri Lanka, one frequently hears about the south coast's golden beaches or the thriving Colombo city. Negombo, however, is a sensible substitute because it is conveniently situated less than 20 minutes from the airport, a wonderful coastal town with lovely beaches, and it has some of Sri Lanka's trendiest nightlife. There are also many well-known vacation getaways for days of sun-filled fun.

Negombo Lagoon

Not only is the Negombo lagoon stunningly beautiful, but it also makes for the perfect watersport’s playground. You name it: windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, rafting, and boat rides. At the end of the day, unwind while sipping a cool beverage and taking in the view of the serene bay.

The Dutch & Portuguese legacies in Negombo

More than 440 years have passed since the Portuguese erected a modest but significant fort, which the Dutch later claimed in 1672. Although it is a lesser-known landmark nearby, it shouldn't be ignored. The network of canals in Negombo is another Dutch legacy. The Dutch canals are more than 300 years old and are well worth seeing. They were formerly a crucial route for the delivery of cinnamon and other crops.


Between the hours of 6 am and 5 pm, we offer tours. Our excursion begins at the Dutch Canal and travels along the lagoon. Offer fruits including watermelon, bananas, pineapples, and king coconuts at a stop at an island in the center of the lagoon. You can take pictures of this great time while enjoying the fruits and taking in the surroundings. They can feed the Rillaw, a native monkey to Sri Lanka, if there are any leftover fruits. Additionally, you can observe various animals and birds. You can finally get to the island known as Issan island. You are unable to descend from there. travelling only around. The trip would last for one to two hours, and you could take advantage of the hot weather of the lagoon throughout that time. In the end, we will leave you off at the same place.

Our Boat

This particular model of boat was designed by Neil Marine Yachting. It is South Asia's largest manufacturer of custom boats. High-end, custom vessels are created and delivered by them. They always use state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch materials while adhering to international standards and guidelines.

We have a boat that is 3 meters wide and 5.6 meters long. 8 people can be transferred simultaneously in total. simple to use Depending on the type of production, it is possible to readily experience the beauty of the water. This boat's hull is constructed of fiberglass. One of the most well-known and widely-used technologies in the world is fiberglass technology. Design that is lightweight, to put it another way. Wood or other materials are frequently heavier than fiberglass boats. Since fiberglass boats often weigh more than aluminum boats, they are more stable and have better seakeeping characteristics. Because they are heavier and less susceptible to buffeting from the wind, fiberglass boats drift more slowly and persistently. A fiberglass boat offers a stable and silent working environment on the water, even when traveling through severe seas and bad weather. In contrast to an aluminum or wooden boat, a boat does not make a loud "lapping" sound when water strikes its bottom or sides. This stops you from yelling at someone on the other side of the boat as you and your friends and family are participating in your favorite water sport. There is no need to worry about security as a result.


Manufacturer : Neil Marine
Model : Custom Model
Length (meters) : 5.6
Width (meters) : 3
Max Auth. Capacity: 8

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  • Fruits (Water melon, Bananas, Pineapples)
  • King coconut
  • Water Bottle

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