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Icici, Croatia


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4:00 HOUR

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10 person


Based in Icici, we provide boat charter services with daily and weekly rental choices. We cover the entire region of Opatija, Lovran, Moenika Draga, and the entire central section of Kvarner. Amazing coastline, clean and blue water, secret beaches and bays, medieval cities, astounding natural beauty, rich gastronomy, stunning sunsets, and so much more are just a few of the reasons to visit Kvarner and Opatija Riviera.

Our crew would like to assist You in operating and enjoying Your personal boat ride among the indescribable beauty of the coastline, islands Cres and Krk. Perhaps you'd like to join a party on a fast motor boat that will transport you to the stunning Blue Cave on the island of Cres (group or private). If you're wondering how to travel to Your selected island as quickly as possible, use our boat transfer service. We specialize in high-speed motor boats and can hire them to you, as well as organize private or group boat trips and skipper trainings, making sailing in Croatia an amazing experience.

Other services include renting motor boats and sailboats from trusted partners, package arrangements where you can rent lodging and a boat together, accommodations near the sea or in town, taxi transport, automobile rental, fishing license distributor, and so on. Our main goal is to make Your vacation a great experience that you will want to repeat, and we will accomplish this by crafting a personalized package that meets all of your wants and wishes.

Other services include renting motor boats and sailboats from trusted partners, package arrangements where you can rent lodging and a boat together, accommodations near the sea or in town, taxi transport, automobile rental, fishing license distributor, and so on. Our main goal is to make Your vacation a great experience that you will want to repeat, and we will accomplish this by crafting a personalized package that meets all of your wants and wishes.


Icici is a small coastal village on Kvarner's most attractive peninsula, where the slopes of Ucka meet the sea. The town is about 5 kilometers from the oldest tourist site, Opatija, and 15 kilometers from the transit port of Rijeka, which is also a popular tourist destination. Because of its position, this small town swiftly grew into a true tourist attraction with a diverse offering. Because of the lush foliage and mild climate, the tourist season lasts all year. One of the largest ACI marinas in Croatia is located in Icici. The beach Icici, after which the town was called, is one of the primary attractions. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, located in the center of town, and offers a variety of fun and entertainment options. The famed Lungo Mare runs through town; it is a 12km long beachfront promenade that begins in Volosko and ends in Lovran. Tennis, volleyball, football, badminton, water polo, hiking, cycling, and all forms of water activities are available to active vacationers.

Our Boat

The pilothouse boat market has traditionally been divided into two segments: a "comfort" section for day trips, weekend vacations, and excursions, and a harsher part for watersports, fishing, and transport. Pilothouse boats had previously been created for one of these two portions, but never for both. The Parker Explorer MAX is an outstanding design for both categories, as it allows the buyer to quickly convert the boat to different applications.

The 920 Explorer MAX features the same fore cabin and pilothouse design as her sister boat, the 790 Explorer, and can be outfitted with all the amenities needed for overnight stays on the water, including a soft top to take advantage of sunny days.

The aft deck is significantly larger than those of competitors, with more deck area than our largest day cruiser, the 850 Voyager. The 920 Explorer MAX is the only pilothouse boat with as much seats, a large table, and sun loungers on the aft deck as the 920 Explorer.

On the aft deck, there is also a 150-litre ice chest to keep both crew and passengers cool. It can also function as a fish aquarium.

The aft deck furnishings are module-based so each customer can choose exactly which modules they want fitted. The modules may also be moved around at any moment and removed from the aft deck to make extra room for fishing and transportation.

Hull, comfort and fuel economy •

We built on the 790 Explorer's successful hull concept and designed the 920 Explorer MAX with a fully new and optimized two-step hull, integrated engine mount, and deep V-shaped hull.

When compared to the 790 Explorer, the extra length and weight of this boat provides even more comfort and eliminates practically the whole planning barrier, reducing the need for engine power, increasing top end speeds, and improving fuel economy.

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Manufacturer : Parker
Model : Parker 920 Explorer Max
No. Berths : 4
Length (meters) : 9.95
Width (meters) : 2.5
Draft (meters) : 0.4
Engine: in HP : 350
Engine Type : Twin Yamaha
Max Auth. Capacity: 10
Fuel Tank Capacity: 460 ltr
Fresh Water Capacity: 460 ltr
Max. Speed (in Kn): 40.00 kn

Availability Details

Schedule for check-in:
( At the date of Departure )
Schedule for check-out:
( At the date of Arrival )
( Days/Weeks )
4:00 HOUR

Booking rules


• 01/03 - 06/05 - 452 eur • 07/05 - 10/06 - 508 eur • 11/06 - 26/08 - 565 eur • 27/08 - 23/09 - 508 eur • 24/09 - 31/10 - 452 eur


CANCELLATION POLICY (except in the case of Covid-19 Policy)

More than 30 days before the reservation date – no cancelling fee

30 days before reservation date - amount of 50% for cancellation fee from the advanced payment

15 days before reservation date - amount of 100% for cancellation fee from the advanced payment


Fully 100% refundable if there is a trip government restriction for the rental period

Fully 100% refundable if the renter is positive to Covid-19 (15 days prior the rental)

Fully 100% refundable if a close family member of the renter (husband/ wife or children) is positive to Covid-19 (15 days prior the rental)


In addition to confirm the reservation, in advance we need payment in installments (2-4 depending on the period) or full payment for the boat rental price.

Client is obligated to sign the contract on site with our company, besides the contract you offer as a booking platform.

In case of bare boat rental - client is obligatory to have valid skipper license (to provide insight of the license) and to pay security deposit, which is refundable if no damage was made.

Client pays security deposit directly to us in our base or on the boat at his arrival, whether it is a daily or weekly rental. We do it in cash (KUNA currency only) or per credit card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard). For everything the client receives receipt.

Skipper service is available only for daily rentals and your commission is not applicable to the skipper price. In case if skipper is needed, payment will be made on the day of the rental, in the same way as security deposit.

Fuel is not included in the rental price. Guest receives full tank and returns the boat with a full tank. Gas station is in the port of Opatija where clients pay directly at the gas station.

On rental day client is obligatory to have an identification documents & skipper license in case of bare boat rental with.

We do not provide parking space during the rental time.

Extra hour on boat will be charged in case of unannounced late return. It can be paid only in cash directly on arrival to the port per each hour over the rental time, counting starts from the end of the whole or half day rent - according to our price list.

During high season (June - September), we need one of your agents (email and phone number) for direct assistance regarding the reservations and all other info we may need.

For every reservation we need commission invoice from your side in the same month when the reservation was realized.

Responds to request - at least 48 hours from the time we received it on written.


Complaints are possible only on arrival, in the presence of employee of our company Subsequent complaints will not be considered. The employee of our company is bound to introduce the user to the characteristics of the boat and the way of controlling it and its equipment. The employee of our company is bound to rent the boat in good conditions and clean and to offer him all the services mentioned in description of boat and services. Untidy and unprepared boat or incompatibility of the information from the leaflet and the real situation give the user right to complain.

The company can, exceptionally, cancel confirmed reservation (furthermore cancellation) and refuse to give to the user the service of boat rental if there has been discovered that user is not in the possess of valid permit for operating the boat or if the information or documents for boat rental are not the same as the documents given during the reservation.

In the case of adverse weather conditions, the employee of our company will inform the user in advance about the impossibility of rental until the settling of weather and to arrange a new boat rental time or to refund money, in case if the user cannot accept new time of rental.

Charter Options

This listing is listed for following charter options.

With Captain and Crew both

Note for guests:

Based on the choice of charter option set for this listing and your choice to avail these options under the process of booking this charter, an extra fee may be applicable, for eg; for availing Crew service.


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.

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