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Ouranoupoli, Greece

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Luxury Yacht

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6 Hour

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180 person


Enjoy a sail from Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos and the Ammouliani islands. A guided tour of the western side of Mount Athos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can't go wrong with an adventure cruise to Mount Athos. Have fun in Ammouliani's Banana Beach, relax, swim, taste, enjoy the moment, and make the nicest memories.

On an Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos and Ammouliani island cruise, take in some breathtaking scenery. Explore the whole southwestern side of Mount Athos, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The vastness of the environment, the human might that managed to erect all these beautiful buildings over a thousand years ago, monasteries like castles, skites like communities, and arsanades like ports.

The 26-meter motor yacht was launched in 2000. This displacement vessel with a steel hull can carry 180 passengers. It is notable for its contemporary interiors and clean exterior lines. There are two decks and one bar. There is also a lovely lobby. The exquisite comfort on board will wow our guests.

The ship leaves Ouranoupolis at 10:30 a.m. for a Mount Athos and Ammouliani island trip. Embarkation begins at 9:30 a.m., however tourists should arrive half an hour before departure.

During this trip, you will be able to explore 8 monasteries: • Holy Monastery of Dochiariou, • Holy Monastery Xenophontos, • Holy Monastery Panteleimonos (Russian Monastery), • Holy Monastery Xiropotamou, • The principal port of Mount Athos Daphni, • Holy Monastery Simonos Petras, H.M. Grigoriou, • Holy Monastery Dionysiou • Holy Monastery Saint Pavlou.

On an Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos and Ammouliani island cruise, take in some breathtaking scenery. Explore the whole southwestern side of Mount Athos, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The vastness of the environment, the human might that managed to erect all these beautiful buildings over a thousand years ago, monasteries like castles, skites like communities, and arsanades like ports.

Following that, you'll witness the New Skite and Saint Anna's Skite. - Finally, you might get to see the daily shows that the dolphins put on for us during our stay.

Next destination, Ammouliani island's Banana beach, where you can experience the summer heat, grab a sunbed and an umbrella, listen to music, eat authentic Greek cuisine, swim, snorkel, and explore the whole green and blue coast.

Our 3-hour journey begins by passing by the final modest dwellings of Ouranoupolis and the Mount Athos boundaries that divide the outer world from the monastic life. You will also be able to admire the grandeur of Mount Athos' southwest peninsula. You will be impressed by the unspoiled nature of the region, as well as the strength of man, who over 1,000 years ago managed to erect all of these spectacular buildings, monasteries, skites, and arsanades (dockyards).

We hope you will see the virtually everyday displays that the dolphins do on our tours as we sail towards our next stop, the island of Ammouliani and the beach Tsaska Banana beach. We'll be to the beach in approximately an hour and 50 minutes, having passed the final monastery. Our stop is at a beach where you may enjoy the sun and surf, as well as the rich green nature of the region. The music's pace and the beautiful design will captivate you.

There is a road that goes to the highest point on the island, from which one can see the entire island as if they were flying, as well as the entire Mount Athos peninsula, with the massive Mountain Athos standing up to 2033m. Furthermore, the seas are shallow for the most portion of the beach, making it ideal for little children.

After 2 hours of leisure, swimming, lunch, and exploring, the ship sails for Ouranoupoli's little harbor, where you will reach in 20 minutes. The arrival is scheduled around around 17:00.

The majority of passengers choose tour guides who speak several languages (for example, Greek, English, German, and Romanian). The Captain, who is knowledgeable about the monks' lives, leads tours in Greek.

Every member of our crew has undergone lectures on the lifesaving equipment and fire extinguishing system on board. Furthermore, every week, fire emergency exercises, man at sea, sea influx into the ship, and ship abandonment are arranged. In addition, all of our crew members are trained and kept up to date in first aid. Our firm routinely examines the sailor's knowledge to ensure the safety of the passengers. They are familiar with the waterways and the local characteristics of the weather, waves, and sea bottom.

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Manufacturer : Local build
Model : Ioanna
Length (meters) : 26
Width (meters) : 7.1
Max Auth. Capacity: 180

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6 Hour

Booking rules


Cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund

Booking rules • Tickets may be purchased at our official agencies in Ouranoupoli and Ormos Panagias, online, or aboard the vessel. You may also book your seats over the phone. During the embarkation, the tickets are checked. We recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance during the summer months of June, July, and August, because the number of passengers on each trip is restricted. • Mount Athos Monasteries Tour with a Guide • Explore Mount Athos' West Side, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. • Have fun at Ammouliani's Banana Beach. • Try a light Greek meal (included in the price) • Keep your eyes on the sea in case you notice dolphins. • On board, you may enjoy beverages and nibbles. • On board, you may purchase souvenirs.

Gold service • Full refund • Free trip date change Free excursion date change 20% off the next excursion • Banana Beach offers a 20% discount. • omit the line • In the event of an emergency, a free transfer to the nearest health center is provided. Snack bar goods on board are discounted by 20%.

Includes • Tour to the West Side of Mount Athos Peninsula Tours are available in a variety of languages. • Equipment for safety • Hamburg Marine Insurance P&I • Taxes on gasoline • Special fees for port authorities • For individuals who will not listen to their language, a tablet with an audio tour is available.

There are safety precautions in place. • All locations that clients come into contact with are cleaned on a regular basis. • Customers must maintain a safe distance. • To avoid crowding, the number of visitors is limited.

Travel necessities • Customers must bring masks and wear them. • Customers are required to complete a trip information form. • Customers will be subjected to a required temperature check.

 According to the Covid-19 Health Safety Protocols, all adults must complete the Pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire before embarkation. Remember to print and finish yours before boarding to save time!

Get Ready for the Activity • Save the environment by using contactless check-in and not printing your tickets. • There will be no reimbursement if you do not arrive on time for the departure. • Please call us before to your voyage if there is a chance of inclement weather. You will be refunded if the cruise is canceled. • If the cruise does not have a minimum of 20 passengers, it will be canceled and you will be refunded. • According to Mount Athos avaton rule, the boat must keep a distance of 500 meters from the coast. • Wheelchair friendly • On the boat, there are restrooms (WC). • Wear your most beautiful grin, be in your finest mood. • Athos sea trips provide the most contemporary and safe vessels in the area, as well as the most qualified staff!

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