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You've come to the perfect site if you want to travel to Skadar Lake and discover all the undiscovered wonders that nobody else visits. We are available to you. We have compiled a list of excursions and activities that will make your time with us the greatest yet. Our team is more than qualified to give you the ride of a lifetime because they have many years of experience leading tours on Lake Skadar. We value providing excellent service and building strong relationships with our visitors. There are numerous unusual sites that will take your breath away scattered throughout Skadar Lake. Virpazar, which is only 40 minutes from Podgorica, is the heart of history, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking natural beauty. Routes designed to improve each traveler's experience and take into account our experience. Our wonderful visitors frequently return to stay with us year after year to enjoy Skadar Lake. You can go on a solo kayaking excursion on the Lake by renting one from us. You can pick the vacation that best suits your needs from a selection of four that we provide.

A longer excursion is obviously nicer because we can stop at a swimming hole, explore secret areas, and visit a village or monastery. Simply relies on your financial situation and the length of your stay. Bring hats, towels, sunscreen, swimwear, snacks, and cameras. We have wooden boats that we may use to get wherever. Due to the birds and other wildlife, the lake is enormous, and for an hour we are unable to see much of it. As we previously stated, a longer tour is preferable because it allows you to view more secret locations and explore the lake.


This handcrafted wooden gulet was designed and built in a shipyard solely for leisure and enjoyment. Our gullet is 9m long and 3m wide. This wooden boat is designed to transport ten or more people (and their cargo) across a body of water. If you want to see the wonders of nature, gulet cruising is the way to go.


• Kom Monastery - The most recognizable location on Skadar Lake

Karuc is another location on the Skadar lake that is worth tourists' attention. The town may be reached by turning left at the same exit as Rijeka Crnojevic on the Podgorica-Cetinje road. Just follow the well-marked signs to this charming, tiny, and historic fishing hamlet on the lake when the exit has been cleared.

The 30- to 40-minute drive to town is on an extremely narrow route that requires the drivers' complete concentration. A modest grilling area is available along the right side of the shore, depending on the water level, and a wooden pier with stone stairs has been built along the route. Once approaching the shore, visitors are advised to take a short stroll up the hill and turn left to descend a pathway through the overgrown bushes and rocks to a clearing that is frequently used for family outings and barbecuing. The old building ruins, from which there is a spectacular view of the lake, are situated behind this clearing and can be reached by navigating some additional rocks. A restaurant serving regional seafood delicacies and homegrown wine is available during the summer. Another, smaller restaurant with all-stone and wood construction that is open year-round has a staff that is very helpful and friendly and who can share a few local tales.

• Lesendro - A quick trip to the island of Grmožur. The historic monument that needs to be seen 

In the Montenegrin municipality of Bar, close to the settlement of Godinje, sits the fortified islet of Grmour. Due to its frequent use as a nesting location, the island has been dubbed the Island of Birds by ornithologists and the Island of Snakes by the local populace. Following the Montenegrin-Ottoman War, the Ottomans constructed fortifications on the island in 1843. Montenegrins took control of the fortifications in 1878. (1876–78). Soon after, it was converted into an island prison.


• Lesendro - A quick trip to the island of Lesendro. The historic monument that needs to be seen 

In Montenegro's Skadar Lake, Lesendro is both an island and a fortress. It is close to the unincorporated community of Vranjina. In the 18th century, the fort was constructed. It is situated on a peninsula that used to be an island until the Belgrade–Bar railway was built. During Petar II Petrovi-rule, Njego's a castle protected the area from Ottoman attacks and allowed for uninterrupted fishing and trade. Petar II frequently visited the fortress to rest.

Prior to Osman Pasha's occupation of Lesendro in 1843, when the Ottoman Turks also fortified Vranjina, Lesendro was ruled by the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro for 11 years. The island and abljak Crnojevia, a fortress town, were freed in 1878 and added to the Principality of Montenegro. The stronghold is now deserted after succumbing to weather-related degradation. The public administration is looking for public-private partnerships for challenging restoration work with the goal of bringing the stronghold to life.

According to the designs, the fortress should be left in its original shape, with the towers and structures inside potentially being rebuilt. The citadel's internal structures could house a variety of tourist and cultural events while also fulfilling an administrative purpose.

• Kom Monastery - Historical and Cultural site 

Is a monastery in Montenegro that is Orthodox. It is situated on Odrinska gora, a small island, not far from abljak Crnojevia, where the Crnojevi River empties into the western shore of Lake Skadar. Between 1415 and 1427, the Kom Monastery was erected thanks to the generosity of Ura and Aleksa (Lje) Uraevi, members of the Crnojevi noble line. The monastery maintained the Virgin Mary religion, which had grown significantly during the Baliii's previous control. Building mausoleums was another tradition carried on by the monks. The monastery's earliest frescoes date to the second part of the 15th century. The monastery served as the Zetan Metropolitanate's office for a brief period of time. Petar II Petrovi-Njego was chosen to serve as the archimandrate of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro in the Kom Monastery in 1831.Lesendro castle, Vranjina village, Moraca river, islands with narrow channels + stop to swim ( if you want )

Longer tours than this are for 3-4-5h:

Old Monastery Kom sits on a hidden island with a breathtaking view, along with little canals, wildlife, and the natural world. If we don't want to visit a monastery, we can drive along little canals and watch birds instead of visiting the church, which is over 600 years old (approximately a 4-hour excursion) (3h)

Longest tours are for 6+ hours:

We can travel to the historic fishing community of Karuc, have a stroll around its breathtaking scenery, and if you'd like, I can reserve a wonderful table for you at a nearby restaurant. There, you can sample some fresh seafood. We might also visit Zabljak Crnojevica, an abandoned medieval fortress town with a beautiful outlook. Because the northern portion of the lake has greater natural beauty, secret areas, and lilies, all of these offers are located there. The cost is 36 euros (not per person) for an hour for 2 to 5 people plus 4 euros per person for admission to enter the National Park Skadar Lake. Free for the infant. Price will be reduced if you don't mind riding on the boat with others. If you decide against sharing the boat with others, the pricing remains the same.

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Manufacturer : Local Built
Model : Custom Model
Length (meters) : 9
Width (meters) : 3
Engine: in HP : 40
Max Auth. Capacity: 20

Booking rules

Entrance & Parking

When entering the town, use caution because someone may stop you and offer you a boat ride. You can park for free at the market VOLI or in the village by driving and finding a parking spot. You can also park outside the center and enter Virpazar on foot.

Extra Prices

Tickets for national parks are not included in the price. Free for babies.

Start & End Time

The customer's chosen duration will determine the end times.

Pickup Location

Meeting point is in Virpazar village - Near the hotel "Vir," our guide will be waiting to greet you. On the right, you will find a small wooden pier with our sign, two yellow flags, and our wooden boat; you cannot miss us.


Terms regarding the private trip arrangement - Only cash is accepted, but both cards and cash are accepted for the national park tax. 

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With Captain and Crew both

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Based on the choice of charter option set for this listing and your choice to avail these options under the process of booking this charter, an extra fee may be applicable, for eg; for availing Crew service.


Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.

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