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The surfing spots in Arugam Bay are the most well-known in Sri Lanka.Beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers flock here.Season runs from May until September.

We travel 7 kilometers from Arugam Bay to Pottuvil Point Beach. The waves are mostly breaking to the right (right-hand point breaks).

We are a fun-filled surf camp in Arugambay that offers surf training, guiding, and photography. In addition, we have the greatest smoothie bowls in town. Come come and appreciate our surf team's positive vibes and lively energy!

We provide the best Arugam Bay surf packages. Excellent location, excellent courses, pleasant instructors, and reasonable costs.

Our drivers are Arugam Bay residents. They've been surfing Arugam Bay's magnificent waves since they were youngsters. "Pottuvil Point" is one of the greatest beaches in Sri Lanka for learning to surf.

During your time at our surf camp, we will be your surf instructors. Don't worry if you're a novice or an intermediate; you've come to the right place! We promise that you will enjoy the fresh seafood and exciting nightlife in Arugam Bay while surfing the gorgeous waves. For more information, please see our surf packages!

Surfing points

The Baby Point Baby Point in front of Mambos is the greatest starting site in the Arugam Bay region. However, because to the sandy bottom, it does not normally produce a large enough wave until August; the good news is that you may find waves there long after the season has ended, and even at the beginning of the year in January and February

The Elephant Rock Elephant Rock, a 15-minute tuk-tuk journey south for 1000 LKR, is arguably the next best option. This place usually starts functioning well around July, but nice surf may be found earlier, especially early in the morning or on days with no wind. Aside from having good waves, it is also a really lovely place to surf, relax on the beach, or climb the rock for magnificent sunsets.

The Peanut Farm One of the most gorgeous beaches in the Arugam Bay area, with a laid-back feel and a great long break when the wave is up. The path to the beach is a little difficult, and there are sometimes wild elephants roaming about, so it may become a little tense. In the main season, the beach is quiet and includes a little restaurant.

Point Whisky Whisky Point, located near Urani, a bit distant from the surfer's utopia of Arugam Bay, is a 'off-the-beaten-path' destination for beginner surfers. But don't be discouraged if you're an expert; the waves here are perfect for any surfer. Also, if you are not a surfer, don't give up hope because there is enough to see and do here, such as wallowing in the cold seas and exploring the surrounding countryside. Visky Point is also well-known for its beach parties.

Point Pottuvil Pottuvil Point's right-hand waves and sand-bottom points make it perfect for novices.Pottuvil Point is another gorgeous location that works best in the late season, often even into November and December. This is the only location where you may encounter more surfers.

Panama The beach community of Panama (not to be mistaken with the nation!) is located about 12 kilometers south of Arugam Bay. With the Kumana Bird Sanctuary and Heritage Park on its southernmost borders, the hamlet is ideal for wildlife viewing. Right, another location worth seeing even if there are no waves. Despite a few submerged rocks that are simple to spot and avoid, this might be a great area to surf without crowds. The best suggestion is to attempt it on extremely huge days when all the other locations are struggling to keep up with the wave.

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Manufacturer : Pyzel
Model : custom model
Length (meters) : 1.8
Width (meters) : 0.6
Max Auth. Capacity: 1

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7 Days

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Features We communicate in English, Sinhala, and Tamil. Friendly and ISA-certified Best for beginners and intermediates. 4 hours of surf lessons each day Children and female surfers are not at risk.

What to anticipate Accommodation at a hostel guest house. The best surfing experience. Breakfast is served at the beach restaurant. Bars and eateries are within walking distance. Make plenty of new pals.

Includings Surf lessons Accommodation Photographs & Videos Free Transport to every surf spot Free Rash Vest Skill level: Beginner / Intermediaries.

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72-hour notice required for free cancellation.

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