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We supply a wide product range of modular floating docks. We deal in several dock types that can be used for building floating platforms, boat trailers, boat ramps, boat pontoons, jetski pontoons, seaside house with yacht mooring, pontoon bookings for boating fairs etc. The varied docks we offer are also hugely used for building drive on docks platforms, floating security barriers, floating debris barriers, pipe floaters, navigation buoys, mooring buoys etc. at our own design aspects. We know how the solutions can be provided either for standard marina requirements or bespoke custom requirements. You can design your own pontoon or any floating platforms with our highly strong and ever-lasting qualitative dock products.


1. ROTO DOCKS (Floating Platforms) 


These are special rubber fittings that allow the movement of the system under adverse weather conditions; therefore they overcome the adverse weather conditions without damage to your watercrafts/products. The parts used in the product are all corrosion resistant. Rotodock can respond to all applications on water. Rotodock can be used for both personal and commercial applications. Each part of Rotodock is designed with rotation technology, self-floating, and be easily installed with a connector called Coupler. A custom design can be created with 4 different sizes available.


- Various Dock Applications
- Doesn't require maintenance
- Diverse fixing possibilities
- Functional accessories
- Multi-purpose modular design
- Safe connection rubbers
- Durability and flexibility
- Secure non-slip surface for season use

Various Dock Applications

- Marinas
- Hotels and restaurants
- Camps, Parks and Recreation Areas
- Government and Military
- Special events (concert, wedding competition, festival, fair)
- Fishing ports and landing wharf industrial solutions (generator, drilling, water inlet construction construct, working platforms)
- Floating docks and bridges

2. SUNNY DOCKS (Floating Platforms) 


Sunnydock can be installed in all areas including protected and exposed sites with frequent waves and varying wind conditions due to flexibility of cubes. Sunnydock cubes are adaptable to adverse weather conditions due to their flexibility on the waves. They are a available in 4 different sizes, which are 50x50x40cm, 50x50x25 cm, 508100x40 cm and 50x100x25 cm. Sunnydock is made of high density polyethylene, by using the blow molding method. These raw materials are UV-resistant, 100% recyclable, and they are resistant to corrosion, acids, gases and hydrocarbons.

Sunnydock modular dock system can be integrated into an existing dock; it can be EASILY and QUICKLY installed and reformed. In addition to this, the configuration layout can be easily modified.

Sunnydock is suitable for personal use as well as in many other applications such as fish farms, swimming pools, marina docking solutions, water sports complexes.


jetport 1

jetport 2

These are the Jetports. Jetports respond according to the changes in water level and therefore it protects the product against waves lakes and rivers; which makes it possible for you to create your own custom spaces in the seas, lakes, rivers. In addition, the design allows the water to drain from the surface. A notable benefit is the almost total reduction in the risk of algae and barnacle build-up on the hull of your treasured vessel. Installation can be customized by using available accessories such as anchor, metal parts, pipebracket, etc and with the use of the dock hinge set, the Jetport can be connected to the Sunndock Systems. A number of connecting accessories are available which can connect to the Sunnydock, Rotodock and Marinedock products.

The next model is Jetport Plus

- Easy entry and exit with V shaped design.
- Arrange position of the wheels according to jet ski 's models.
- No need for additional connection parts due to the sleeves on it.
- There is a special cover to reduce damage to piles.
- There is an external stopper. Jetski can be fixed on the lug of stopper.
- The design gives better distribution of load on the base and gives rigidity

The next models is the Jetport Max

Jetport Max provides a safe haven for your jet-ski keeping it high, dry and away from the aggressive marine environment. Heavy duty corrosion free rollers allow easy docking and effortless launching for all our designs and will not scratch and scuff the jet ski's hull. A variety of installation options are available and can easily be installed on pilings or an existing floating dock. A unique Sunny Dock cube to the Roto Dock transition module is also available offering yet more versatility. The JET PORT MAX is virtually maintenance free. With UV stabilizers JET PORT MAX will provide years of service

The next models is the Boatlift

The boatlift platform allows a boat to be easily docked on the water. You have the option of adding an electric or manual winch to the boatlift. The product is designed to fully protect your boat or yacht from marine grout by lifting the entire craft out of the water. Thus, reduces maintenance costs. This System can be produced for boats from 4 meters to 10 meters. It can also accommodate jet skis. The boat's engine power can assist in launching likewise with the use of electrical winch system.

The next models is the Flexiport

- Easy entry and exit
- More rollers can be ordered.
- Arrange position of the wheels according to the jet ski models
- An external stopper can be added to the bow section if needed
- The design gives better rigidity and distribution of load on the base



We stepped in to the Marine Dock supply to the market in order to respond to marina projects in Turkey and around the world. We’ve done an extensive research as to meet the increasing demand on the marina systems needed by the ships and mega yachts. Our supply and installation serves the purpose of Marine Dock System not only to provide a transit area or parking ara for boats/yachts, but to also create a social and active marina areas that useful for yacht owners, the locality and the people who love the big blue.  


Our marina system supply include:

- Private marinas
- Floating bridges
- Military boat berths
- Pier solutions for fishing and ferry boats




Two safety boat barriers are connected to each other with galvanized chain and clamps. The system is fixed to the sea with anchors. The unique design of the safety barriers allows the customers to make specific configurations unique to the area in which safety barriers are manufactured from polyethylene. This product is durable and UV resistant.Each unit is shock-resistant, as they are foam-filled; they are buoyant, unsinkable and are highly visible.

Safety Barriers can be used in places where high visibility is compulsory, such as big seas, open oceans, places with high waves, and output channels with strong currents and dams.

The pontoon is formed by the combination of several parts; therefore the damaged pontoon can be easily changed without interrupting the barrier's service and without the need for replacing the entire unit. Standard or custom warning labels can be applied on to the product. It is offered in standard colors of yellow, orange and white. It is also available in custom colors.




The floating debris barrier strains the unwanted objects on the water (wood, timber, plastic waste, grass, ice fragments), and it also strains the objects below the water surface.

With such a marked reduction in debris, jellyfish and other potential inconveniences, you can assure your valued clients of an improved safety profile over any competitor. The floating debris barriers will minimize your operation's loss of energy without interrupting production. Installation and maintenance of the system is very practical and it is easy to clean.

In order for the system to operate without stopping, it has galvanized metal barriers which keep all kinds of dirt away from the regulators.

With the floating debris barrier, your work time and financial losses are reduced

It allows easy cleaning without endangering your employees. An optional handrail can be added for increased safety.

Floating Barriers

The Enforcer is designed to act as a marine floating barrier. With its heavy duty modular design it can be configured depending on the required application. The ideal solution for security barriers restricting water craft from entering a zone. When configured in layers the Enforcer can be used as a wave attenuator. The Enforcer can also be used in marinas, harbors, residential and military applications.

The modules are connected together by two or more stainless steel cables housed inside a EPDM rubber sleeve.

The layer enforcer floating barrier has its unique connection system. Single, double, four and five layering types allow usage for different conditions and applications. The modules can also accommodate signage, navigation lights and razor wire.

Pipe Floaters

Our pipe floaters are used in many kinds of marin(e) industries, like dredging and drainage of waste materials.

We have 3 different sizes of pipe floaters with 600 liter, 800 liter 1000 litre capacity. We can custom design and manufacture shape or size according to customer requirement.

The floaters are filled with PU (Polyurethane) or PS (Polystyrene) which ensures that even with cracks or damage, the pipes will continue to float.

The polyethylene body ensures resistance against corrosion and a life span three times that of concrete and steel floaters> Colour options are yellow and red. 

Lane Markers

Lane Marker Buoys are produced in HDDPE and are connected with ropes. The standard colours are red and white.

They can also be produced in different colours for orders of higher quantities.


Our navigation buoys are produced according to IALA standard and colours in 1,25m - 1,75m-2m-2,20m -2,50m - 3m. the buoy is produced from high strength polyethylene material and can withstand rough sea conditions for many years.


- The float towers are easily changeable, wide steps and guardrails are produced to occupational health and safety standards.
- The body is produced from 4 parts and these parts can be separated from each other.
- The surface of the polyethylene body is non slip.
- The shaft passing through the body is manufactured from hot dip galvanizing.
- The inside of the polyethylene body is polystyrene or polyurethane filled.
- All connection bolts use 316L stainless steel.
- The swivel of the chain link is based on 5 tons of breaking force.
- Aluminium used in its surface is manufactured from sea water resistant material.
- Radar reflectors and beacons table are available.
- The battery room cover is completely waterproof.
- Navigation buoys consist of IALA top mark, radar reflector, optional solar light, guard rail, battery room, lifting,
- shackle, rotational molded polyethylene body, ballast weight, center mill, and mooring connector.

Mussel Buoys

In recent years, there have been tremendous developments in methods of breeding on buoys. The ropes hanging over the mussel buoys are dependent on each other. As one machine places them in the sea, it collects all the ropes at harvest time and harvests easily, thus saving a lot of labour.

Aquaculture sites can be a major hazard for marine navigation, depending on the location and depth of the water. The hazard is even greater still if sites are not properly marked. Both small and large vessels being used for recreation and commercial purposes share the same waterways where mussel farmers work. It is for this reason that understanding and using the proper mussel farm marker buoys is critical.

Our superior high performance mussel floats are designed and manufactured for the most demanding conditions. Ideal for inshore and offshore locations, they are proven in the most exposed conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, and can significantly improve the profitability of mussel farming enterprises.

Mooring Buoys

Our buoys are highly practical thanks to their design. They can also be produced with special hot dip galvanized metal brackets.

They are manufactured in different sizes and filled with polyurethane.

This product can also be offered to customers with a special hot-dip galvanized metal bracket.

It comes in different product designs and measurements.


Some of our past supplies and installations in various parts of major cities in the world can be observed on the image gallery above. 



Send us a message with the information; Name and company, email address, phone/whatsapp number, quantity required (min. order upon negotation for the chosen dock-type), type required (see samples above), any custom requirements, Sign: Person/Company

Alternatively, to access and print out our order form please view and print the from here.

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