Venta Kayak Karku de Atlantikayak en Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Atlantikayak's Karku

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Fully Operational


Touring and Touring Kayak Individual kayak with a great load capacity, very spacious and very stable. Rigid handles on each side, aft and bow. A large capacity aft cargo box and its respective fishing box as an accessory. As an accessory it has a rigid backrest, ideal for fishermen and those looking for more comfort. In the bow, a technical touring watertight hatch cover, links us with the interior of the kayak, considerably expanding the load capacity, where rods or objects of more than two meters in length can be carried. It has 3 anchors to place a GoPro-type camera. Hydrodynamic design, with channels in the bottom that avoid the turbulence of the scuppers. 3 fins for a better course when paddling and on the wave. A high bow to ram the waves and a good attack to break the water. INCLUDES: conventional rowing. ACCESSORIES: fishing / touring box, backrest, seat and transfer trolley.
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Produttore : Local Builder
Modello : Atlantikayak's Karku
Lunghezza (metri) : 3.64
Larghezza (metri) : 0.85
Capacità massima autorizzata Capacità massima autorizzata: 2

Stato dell'annuncio

Condizioni: Fully Operational
Anno di prima immatricolazione: 2021
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Inserita da Jan 2022

Inizio: Variabile
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