Verkauf 20m Fischereifahrzeug F2000 in Maggona Sri Lanka

Maggona, Sri Lanka

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Motor Boat


Motor Boat






Brand New


This multiday fishing vessel was developed by a team of skilled naval architects in accordance with naval design regulations appropriate for global situations. The heavy displacement vessel has a firm chine V bottom displacement hull, a good front entrance, and a level run aft, making it appropriate for use in all sea conditions.

The hull and deck are made of high-quality raw materials that are reinforced with polyurethane foam frameworks. The deck is strengthened with stiffeners that have been glassed over and have an outstanding non-skid design on top. The main layout of the vessel begins at the fore peak for storing the anchor, equipment area, bait hold, fresh fish hold, frozen fish hold, fuel tank, engine room, rudder room, and the wheel house on deck.

General Specifications:

Length OA: 20.00 m Max. Beam: 5.59 m Depth: 2.98 m Draft (Design): 1.80 m Fish Hold Capacity: 35 m³ Chilled Bath Capacity: 10 m³ Bait Hold Capacity: 5 m³ Fuel Capacity: 14,000 L Fresh Water Capacity: 5,000L Engine range: 400 hp Speed: 10-12 knots Displacement with load: 85 Tons


- The tank capacities can be customized upon customer request - The boat can be painted with antifouling to prevent accumulation on underwater surfaces

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Hersteller : Local builder
Modell : F2000
Länge (Meter) : 20
Breite (Meter) : 5.59
Tiefgang (Meter) : 1.80
Motor: in PS : 400
Max. zugelassene: 10
Kraftstofftank-Kapazität: 14000 ltr
Frischwasserkapazität: 14000 ltr
Max. Speed (in Kn): 12.00 kn
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 10.00 kn


Hergestelltes Land: Afghanistan
Zustand: Brand New
Jahr der Erstzulassung: 2022
Flagge:   Aruba
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Mitglied seit Mar 2022

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