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Barcelona Spain

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Motor Boat


Motor Boat


Rodman 700




Fully Operational


Introducing the RODMAN 700, a classic beauty that combines performance, comfort, and reliability. Priced competitively at €10,000, this 1989 gem is docked in Barcelona, ready to embark on your next adventure. With a length and beam of 6.98 x 2.80 meters, and a sturdy polyester hull, it offers ample space and stability for your journeys.

Powered by a robust VOLVO TMD 31-A internal engine boasting 165 HP, this diesel-powered vessel ensures smooth sailing with a capacity for up to 5 passengers. Equipped with essential navigational instruments including VHF, PROBE, and GPAS, you'll navigate the seas with confidence.

Compliant with regulations, the RODMAN 700 features a well-appointed cabin and a toilet for added convenience during extended trips. With a navigation range of 12 miles between the coast and its parallel line, you'll have the freedom to explore coastal waters and beyond.

Despite being inactive for 6 months, the engine springs back to life effortlessly, showcasing its resilience and reliability. The boat remains in pristine condition, as evidenced by the accompanying photos.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a timeless vessel that promises unforgettable voyages on the open seas. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice enthusiast, the RODMAN 700 is your ticket to endless nautical adventures. We have 2 boats from same model for purchasing. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and make this maritime dream a reality.

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Hersteller : Rodman Polyships
Modell : Rodman 700
Anzahl Kabinen 1
Anzahl Bäder : 1
Anzahl Kojen 1
Länge (Meter) : 6.98
Breite (Meter) : 2.8
Tiefgang (Meter) : 0.75
Motor: in PS : 165
Motortyp : Volvo
Max. zugelassene: 5
Kraftstofftank-Kapazität: 180 ltr


Hergestelltes Land: Spain
Zustand: Fully Operational
Jahr der Erstzulassung: 1989
Flagge:   Spain
Steuern & andere Unwägbarkeiten :


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Mitglied seit Jun 2022

Beginnend: £8,500
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