Verkauf einer einzelnen Safari-Yacht von Egyptian Industry aus dem Jahr 2003 in Alexandria, Ägypten

Alexandria, Egypt

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Luxury Yacht


Luxury Yacht


Single Safari




Fully Operational


This New Luxury Yacht is a wonderful birch with a length of 25 meters, a width of 7.5 meters and a geometric draft of 2.3 meters, which was built and constructed in 2004 in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This Yacht has a beautiful streamlined shape, where the tail area (scaffold) is made of tech wood and is equipped with 2 ladders of free stainless steel, from which you ascend to the diving center, which is a very spacious place with 3 stands for placing oxygen tubes and with 2 W.C and a climbing ladder. 

The main sundeck has a door that leads you to the salon where there is a display screen, then the restaurant, which overlooks the fully equipped kitchen, and there is a place in front to put the necessary ropes (the cooler).

The main sundeck has a comfortable solarium and is very well finished, and it has the main driving room, as well as there are 2 rooms in each room, 2 beds + 2 W.C, and there is an open solarium in the main sundeck.

This New Luxury Yacht was designed to have an open roof. The engine bay, which has a circumference of 56 meters, contains 2 Mercedes engines, each with a capacity of 420 horsepower, in a very good condition. It is supervised by the authorized maintenance center in Rashid. There are also 2 Perkins electric generators, each with a capacity of 40 kilowatts.

There are also 6 cabins, each with 2 beds, and there is a W.C. This yacht is licensed to deliver 36 people + 4 staff. 

- Tax Cleared: Repaid annually
- Year of first registration: 2004
- Flag-Country: Egypt        
- Condition: Fully Operational 

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Hersteller : Egyptian Industry
Modell : Single Safari
Anzahl Kabinen 6
Anzahl Kojen 16
Länge (Meter) : 25
Breite (Meter) : 7.5
Tiefgang (Meter) : 2.8
Motor: in PS : 330
Max. zugelassene: 36


Verkauf Option : Fixed
Hergestelltes Land: Egypt
Zustand: Fully Operational
Jahr der Erstzulassung: 2004
Flagge:   Egypt
Steuern & andere Unwägbarkeiten :


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Mitglied seit Apr 2022

Beginnend: £262,200
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