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Nilüfer/Bursa, Turkey

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Jet Car


Jet Car


Lamborghini Jetcar




Brand New


Beachgoers and water enthusiast watch out! The best show and most upcoming water experience is our high-tech aquatic vehicle. Just imagine you can plane across the bay on the water with your own jetcars of the high-speed FX1 and LX1 models. Our Jetcar is a jetski/boat hybrid and the most popular water vehicle amongst jetski enthusiast and tourists. Demand for this popular past time has rocketed. This aquatic vehicle looks like a car, but the internal mechanisms are more like jet skis. We take batch orders and offer an expandable and modular design. Currently we produce two models Jetcar-FX1 and Jetcar-LX1, but simply contact us and we will let you know what else can be made available for  you. Thanks to our original design, we have a structure that can be developed into different models and designs for a bespoke style. We can always make a special edition for you in the colors and concepts you desire. Buy your sports and recreational boats here you and your customers will enjoy the water with our range of JetCars and other watercrafts. Colour options are available and you can book a test drive here. These are perfect for leisure and tourist activities since they are very popular and no driving licenses are required. Watch our video to visualize and see for yourself.


  • Minimum order number is 4.
  • No license required
  • Customised style and colour
  • Popular water activity & easy/safe to drive
  • Fast production, delivery and support globally
  • Adult and kids version (less speedy) available
  • Choice of models are Lamborghini and FX1
  • Music system on special request possible

Additional Options:

Colour option is extra and 400 EUR for Jetcars. Also increasing fuel capacity 22 Lt to 60 Lt is 100 Euro.

The choice of motors, design and music system will increase the price. All prices are subject to contract.

How can you order:

Send us a message with the information; Name and company, email address, phone/whatsapp number, quantity required (>4), style required (plus any wish), motor required (see samples above), Sign: Person/Company

Alternatively, to access and print out our order form please view and print the from here.

Taxes and Shipping are not included

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Hersteller : JetCar Local-Build
Modell : Lamborghini Jetcar
Länge (Meter) : 4.4
Breite (Meter) : 3.6
Tiefgang (Meter) : 0.2
Motor: in PS : 110
Motortyp : Outboard
Max. zugelassene: 4


Verkauf Option : Fixed
Hergestelltes Land: United Kingdom
Zustand: Brand New
Jahr der Erstzulassung: 2021
Steuern & andere Unwägbarkeiten :

Einzelheiten :
Since these are brand new boats, all governmental duties are paid and have no contingencies.


For trial-charter cancellation, no refunds will be given, as it will be stated in the contract.


Eine genaue Wegbeschreibung zum Abfahrtsort erhalten Sie nach einer bestätigten Buchung.

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