Verkauf: Maßgefertigtes Gulet aus Holz auf Ibiza, Spanien

Ibiza, Spain

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Custom Made Gullet




Fully Operational


This is a Turkish schooner constructed in Turkey in 1988 that arrived in the Balearic Islands in 1998 and is still sailing in local waters today. It had a comprehensive redesign in 2018 that distinguishes it and provides optimal comfort to its consumers.

The boat's quadrants and keels are in great shape, and it must pass an annual examination by the captain of Ibiza to ensure the hull's and its equipment's good condition. It is a boat created for trips, with all spaces optimized, a galley able to make paella on board, and communal rooms dedicated to the visitors' absolute pleasure.

Documents And Permits

  • The boat, which entered list 2 in 2021 and has its home port in Ibiza, is permitted to transport 25 people plus 3 crew, making it the only boat in Formentera capable of carrying more than 12 passengers and therefore classifying it as a boat for excursions.
  • In 2020, the firm became a "Concesionaria Portuaria," which is a corporation that may work and build its operations in port regions rather than marinas.
  • In 2021, the port company authorized it as a boat for tours and the only boat / schooner with a business premises in the port of Savina.
  • We were granted permission to purchase gasoline at a 50% discount as a passing vessel in 2021.
  • The paperwork on this boat is priceless; consider that a berth of this size is worth $60-70k per year; we pay $5k in the summer and $3,400 in the winter.
  • From the beginning of May to the end of October, the boat operates quietly, generating a large turnover.
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Hersteller : Local Built
Modell : Custom Made Gullet
Anzahl Kabinen 4
Anzahl Bäder : 2
Anzahl Kojen 3
Länge (Meter) : 19.35
Breite (Meter) : 5.6
Motor: in PS : 238
Max. zugelassene: 25
Kraftstofftank-Kapazität: 1500 ltr
Frischwasserkapazität: 1500 ltr
Max. Speed (in Kn): 7.00 kn
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 5.50 kn
Building Material: wooden


Verkauf Option : Negotiable
Hergestelltes Land: Spain
Zustand: Fully Operational
Jahr der Erstzulassung: 1988
Flagge:   Spain
Steuern & andere Unwägbarkeiten :


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Mitglied seit Jun 2022

Beginnend: £166,320
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