Verkauf Freizeitkanu/Kajak 400 in Maggona Sri Lanka

Maggona, Sri Lanka

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Ciljan 400




Brand New


Stable rowboat with a double hull from Norway. The entire bottom is filled with liquid, preventing it from sinking. The boat has good directional stability, is easy to drive, and is safe. This rowing boat has two ropes and powerful kick attachments, and it may also be utilized with an outboard motor. There are three detachable cargo boxes, as well as a sealing strip on the hatches.

Rowing through rough chop or waves is no problem for it. Because of the full-length tracking keel, tracking is excellent. The sliding seat sculling gear gives comprehensive training when used as a boat tender or at the cottage, making it an ideal personal gym. The ergonomics of the sculling gear are nearly comparable to that of a racing shell, which means there is no strain on the back, arms, or legs. The oars are properly balanced in relation to the rower.

This boat can withstand situations that would be too challenging for a racing scull or even an open water shell. It is an excellent shoreboat or yacht tender, suitable for use at the cabin, on a dock, or on a trailer in the garage. Our devotion to the greatest quality, along with exceptional design, makes this the best boat of its kind on the market.

General Sepecifications: • The boat accommodates up to 3 people. • Length: 4.05m • Beam: 1.43m • Height: 0.51m

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Hersteller : Local builder
Modell : Ciljan 400
Länge (Meter) : 4.05
Breite (Meter) : 1.43
Max. zugelassene: 3


Hergestelltes Land: Afghanistan
Zustand: Brand New
Jahr der Erstzulassung: 2022
Flagge:   Aruba
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Mitglied seit Mar 2022

Beginnend: £1,000
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