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Sailing Yacht

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Sailing Yacht


Sunshine 36

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Fully Operational


Located in Tenerife, Spain, this Sailboat Jeanneau Sunshine 36 is a classic vessel with a rich history. Built in 1986, it boasts a sturdy construction and timeless design, making it a reliable choice for sailing enthusiasts. With a length of 10.65 meters and a beam of 3.85 meters, it offers ample space for onboard activities and comfortable accommodation.

Equipped with an internal 3YM30 YANMAR engine delivering 30 horsepower, this sailboat ensures smooth and efficient navigation. Its diesel-powered engine provides reliability and endurance for long journeys at sea. The vessel has a water capacity of 200 liters and a fuel capacity of 80 liters, allowing for extended periods of sailing without the need for frequent refueling or resupplying.

Accommodating up to 10 passengers, the Sailboat Jeanneau Sunshine 36 features three cabins, each offering privacy and comfort for overnight stays. The interior includes amenities such as showers with hot water, ensuring a pleasant experience for all occupants. Additionally, the vessel is equipped with essential navigation instruments, including a depth sounder, autopilot, VHF radio, and GPS, enhancing safety and convenience during voyages.

On deck, passengers can enjoy the spacious cockpit area, complete with a saloon table for dining and relaxation. The vessel also comes with a sun awning and mooring cover, providing protection from the elements while at anchor or docked. Other notable features include an electric windlass for easy anchoring, an emergency radio beacon for added safety, and an inflatable dinghy for shore excursions.

With its classic design, reliable performance, and comfortable accommodations, the Sailboat Jeanneau Sunshine 36 is an excellent choice for both experienced sailors and newcomers to the world of sailing. Contact us for more information or to arrange a viewing of this impressive vessel.

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الشركة المصنعة : Jeanneau Yachts
نموذج : Sunshine 36
عدد المقصورة : 3
عدد الحمامات : 1
عدد الأرصفة : 3
الطول (متر) : 10.65
العرض (متر) : 3.85
مشروع (متر) : 1.92
المحرك: في حصان : 30
نوع المحرك : Yanmar
السعة القصوى المصرح بها: 10
سعة خزان الوقود: 80 ltr
سعة المياه العذبة: 80 ltr

حالة الإدراج

البلد المصنع: France
الحالة: Fully Operational
سنة التسجيل الأولى: 1986
علَم:   Spain
الضرائب وحالات الطوارئ الأخرى :


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