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Sailing Yacht

نوع الزوارق

Sailing Yacht


Oceanis 323

سنة البناء



Fully Operational


Step into the world of maritime elegance with the BENETEAU OCEANIS 323, a masterfully designed yacht poised for unparalleled adventures. Anchored in the scenic Balearic Islands, this 2006 yacht promises a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Boasting a resilient polyester hull, the yacht houses a robust Yanmar 30 YM internal engine, generating 30HP power. With a length of 9.70m, it accommodates up to 6 passengers across two cabins and a convertible lounge, ensuring both comfort and adaptability.

Navigation is a breeze with advanced features like sonar, autopilot, VHF, and GPS. Revel in the convenience of hot water, two showers, and a fully-equipped kitchen, complete with a microwave and electric refrigerator.

This vessel cruises at a smooth 5 knots and hits a maximum speed of 7-8 knots, offering a perfect balance of thrill and safety. Safety features include a life raft, radio-CD-TV, electric windlass, and secure wheelhouse doors.

Every aspect, from the engine and electronics to rigging and candles, is not only meticulously maintained but also brand new. Immerse yourself in the epitome of maritime luxury, where every detail is thoughtfully curated, and every journey is an exploration of sophistication. The BENETEAU OCEANIS 323 beckons, promising a voyage like no other.

اقرأ أكثر


الشركة المصنعة : Beneteau Uachts
نموذج : Oceanis 323
عدد المقصورة : 2
عدد الأرصفة : 6
الطول (متر) : 9.7
العرض (متر) : 3.26
مشروع (متر) : 1.8
المحرك: في حصان : 30
نوع المحرك : Yanmar
السعة القصوى المصرح بها: 6
سعة خزان الوقود: 100 ltr
سعة المياه العذبة: 100 ltr
Max. Speed (in Kn): 8.00 kn
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 5.00 kn

حالة الإدراج

البلد المصنع: Spain
الحالة: Fully Operational
سنة التسجيل الأولى: 2006
الضرائب وحالات الطوارئ الأخرى :


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