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Vigo Spain

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Motor Boat

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Motor Boat


Custom Model

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Need few repairs


Embark on a maritime journey with this exceptional Steam and Passenger Museum Ship, a unique vessel with a capacity of 120 passengers at sea and 140 in port. Built in 1966, this historic ship boasts a wood hull, measuring 30.50 meters in total deck length and 27.00 meters between perpendiculars. With a beam of 7.64 meters and a draft of 3.00 meters, it offers a spacious and stable seafaring experience.

Featuring a triple expansion steam engine with 177 HP propulsive power, the ship cruises at an average speed of 7 knots, reaching a maximum of 9 under steam and an impressive 11 under steam and sail. The vessel is equipped with essential navigation instruments, including radar, VHF, GPS, and autopilot, ensuring safe and efficient voyages.

Accommodations include four public toilets, five crew cabins, and a well-equipped kitchen. The hold, with 90 m2 of useful space and natural light, adds to the ship's versatility. For passenger comfort, there are showers in cabins and the hold, plus hot water availability. The ship's historic classification exempts it from fees at the Captaincy, with the Port Authority charging only for electricity and water.

Currently docked in the Port of Vigo, this museum ship is open to the public, hosting educational activities for schools and camps. To set sail once more, minor maintenance of the engine and boiler is required, paused for personal reasons. An experienced engineer and shipwright, is ready to assist the new owner in ensuring the ship's seaworthiness.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of maritime history and embark on future adventures with this captivating Steam and Passenger Museum Ship, offering a perfect blend of historic charm and modern functionality. Make this vessel yours and continue its legacy on the open seas.

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الشركة المصنعة : Local Built
نموذج : Custom Model
عدد المقصورة : 5
عدد الحمامات : 3
الطول (متر) : 30.5
العرض (متر) : 7.64
مشروع (متر) : 3
المحرك: في حصان : 177
نوع المحرك : Steam engine
السعة القصوى المصرح بها: 120
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 7.00 kn

حالة الإدراج

البلد المصنع: Spain
الحالة: Need few repairs
سنة التسجيل الأولى: 1966
علَم:   Spain
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