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We are excited to present to you a remarkable Construcciones Ros Carceller 54 GT Seine Boat that is currently available for sale. It is an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts and is currently in operation. Due to retirement, the owner has decided to sell this well-maintained vessel. The documents are in order, with a registration of b4/399 from the year 1999.

This vessel is built with quality craftsmanship and offers a range of features to enhance your boating experience. With a length of 23 meters and a beam of 6 meters, it provides ample space and stability on the water.

The boat's construction is made of durable polyester, ensuring its longevity and resistance to the elements. It is equipped with hydraulic flaps that enhance maneuverability, allowing for precise control and smooth handling. The onboard toilet is designed to meet regulations, providing convenience and comfort during your journeys.

A 220 V power supply is available onboard, ensuring you have access to electricity for various appliances and devices. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, allowing you to prepare meals effortlessly while enjoying your time on the boat. The boat is powered by two engines, one with a two-man capacity and an auxiliary soler engine, providing redundancy and reliability on the water.

Hydraulic steering further enhances the control and responsiveness of the vessel, ensuring a pleasurable boating experience. The boat's power is supplied by a 245 hp engine, providing sufficient propulsion for efficient and smooth sailing. The engine weighs approximately 4 tons, contributing to the stability and balance of the boat.

The boat runs on diesel fuel, with a generous fuel capacity of 10,000 liters, allowing for long journeys without the need for frequent refueling. Additionally, it has a water capacity of 3,000 liters, ensuring a sufficient supply of freshwater during your trips.

Accommodations on the boat include 15 cabins, providing ample space for a large crew or passengers. The living room features a table for convenience, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Two bilge pumps are installed to efficiently drain water from the boat, maintaining a dry and safe environment.

To enhance your fishing capabilities, the boat is equipped with three probes, enabling improved fish detection and maximizing your chances of successful catches. The autopilot system simplifies navigation, allowing for ease of operation and precise course tracking. For enhanced safety, two radars are installed, providing advanced detection of objects and other vessels in your vicinity.

Communication is made easy with four VHF radios onboard, ensuring seamless contact with other boats or coastal authorities. Accurate positioning is ensured with the presence of two GPS systems, offering reliable navigation information.

For entertainment purposes, the boat is equipped with three TVs, providing onboard entertainment during your trips. An electric fridge is available for storing food and beverages, keeping them fresh and easily accessible. Additionally, two battery chargers are provided, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply for all your electrical needs.

The boat has a capacity of 10 tons, allowing for the transportation of substantial cargo or equipment. It has a cruising speed of 10 miles, providing a comfortable and efficient pace for your journeys. The top speed of 13 miles allows for swift travel when needed.

This Construcciones Ros Carceller 54 GT Seine Boat is an exceptional opportunity to own a well-equipped vessel capable of meeting the demands of the fishing industry. With its spacious cabins, modern amenities, and reliable technology, this boat ensures a comfortable and efficient fishing experience.

For further information or to arrange a viewing, please contact us. Take advantage of this opportunity to own a high-quality boat that is ready for your next adventure on the water.

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Manufacturer : Carceller
Model : Carceller 54 GT
No. Cabin : 15
No. Berths : 30
Length (meters) : 23
Width (meters) : 6
Draft (meters) : 2.64
Engine: in HP : 245
Fuel Tank Capacity: 10000 ltr
Fresh Water Capacity: 10000 ltr
Max. Speed (in Kn): 13.00 kn
Cruising Speed (in Kn): 10.00 kn

Listing Status

Sale Option : Negotiable
Manufactured Country: Spain
Condition: Fully Operational
Year of first Registration: 1999
Flag:   Spain
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Exact directions to the departure location will be provided after a confirmed booking.


Listing since Jun 2022

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