Who We Are And What we do

Do you love the silver sunbeams reflecting in the waves, the wind gently stroking your cheek, thrilling journeys and vast horizons? A warm welcome to KaterBlue, the number one website for nautical leisure and work! Are you looking to charter a boat or yacht, or are you pursuing other fun and challenging activities on the water like jet skiing, surfing or diving? Do you have expertise as a skipper, sailor, or even as a seafood cook? Are you eager to offer your services? Or are you trying to gather the necessary amount of qualifying sea miles for the Yachtmaster, MCA Mates, MCA Master exam. Are you a skipper looking for crew? Or perhaps you own a vessel which you want to rent out for an afternoon, for a week or eventually even to sell? In all those cases, you have come to the right address! KaterBlue brings together charterers and boat owners, experienced skippers and captains with those who wish to learn and gain from their experience, boating enthusiast, boat buyers and boat sellers, with one common thread; the water. KaterBlue is for you – the lover of the Big Blue!