What is Boat & Yacht Exchange?

The concept of boat exchange is rather straightforward, elegant is its simplicity. Certain people look for boats, certain other people own boats, and KaterBlue connect these two groups. Instead of turning to overpriced agencies or maritime training centres with burdening fees, boat users can easily find and charter their ideal vessel at the time and place they desire, without obstacles, without further obligations, directly from the boat owner. Think of it like a kind of Airbnb or Uber, but for boats and yachts. You have a certain date in mind, a certain location – be it your home town, be it an exotic destination – and maybe other preferences like the type of boat, a captain and crew and, of course, the price. With these parameters set, you click KaterBlue’s search button and in seconds you will be presented with the range of possibilities which fit your desires. The entire process literally takes only few clicks.

For boat and yacht owners, KaterBlue is equally advantageous. Most owners use their vessel only occasionally; when they are free from their work and other obligations and the weather is on their side. The rest of the year, the boat or yacht is docked somewhere, draining finances in the shape of costly harbor & marina dues, maintenance and sometimes compulsory membership of a boat club. Other times, they just have not found sufficient crew to take the boat out. This has led many boat and yacht owners to view their boat or yacht no longer as a source of joy, but as a source of worry. KaterBlue changes all that. When boat owners are not hitting the waves themselves, they can easily charter out their boat to others or take boat enthusiasts out to sea, which turns the idle, financially burdensome vessel into a new generator of income. This fresh impulse is potentially life changing, putting off plans for a dreaded forced sale of one’s boat or yacht, and reigniting one’s love for boating and sharing this love with other like minded people.