Sea Mile Builder

Any sea miles that you make while joining a boat or working on a KaterBlue charter can be signed off and certified by your skipper or captain and will add to your total number of sea miles. All you need to do is to bring your log bog and ask. Using the KaterBlue Sea Mile Builder is therefore a great chance for you to quickly gather the necessary miles to take part in the Yachtmaster Exam or any other boating certification test. The same counts for working on any of KaterBlue’s open charters; it all adds up and will help you progress in great leaps.

For many aspiring skippers, it’s not always easy to make the necessary amount of sea miles for their boating exam. Since most people work during the week, and courses at boating and yachting training schools are often short as well as expensive, it takes a lot of time and money for them to finally reach the magic number. This can be frustrating and demotivating for some trainee skipper or captains. KaterBlue’s unique system changes all that. You can join a boat of your choice and passage in an easy and affordable manner, or even request to join in on an open passage, thus making a large number of miles in one single session. KaterBlue provides an overview in the shape of a list and a map showing exactly which open passages are available to you. If you wish to join a boat or yacht for a particular passage which will touch on a harbor you can reach, you can send a request to the boat owner or skipper/captain in question. If the latter accepts, you can hop on the boat at the said harbour or marina, build up sea miles during the journey.