Hiring a captain can be important from both the perspective of the charterer as well as the perspective of the captain. From the charterer’s perspective, it might be a good idea when you have a small to medium sized boat or small motor or sail yacht for a pleasure trip that does not require additional crew, but you cannot or do not want to be behind the steer yourself. It is quite possible to find the vessel of your dreams on KaterBlue, but in many cases the boat is only offered without a captain (bareboat). No worries! You can easily request a captain for your charter through our platform. Simply specify a time and route and get into contact with the Captain and see if he is available and suitable for you and the boat. You can also ask the owner to check his certificates and discuss with him the boat. He can help you select the man or woman that he knows will see the job through.

From the perspective of the captain, it is a great opportunity to gain more sea miles so to upgrade one’s skills. They can set out to gain a lot more sea miles and experience, all in a short period. It is also suitable if the boat already has a captain who does not want to be in control of the vessel all by himself. This situation is similar to chartering a boat or yacht with a captain for experience reasons, with the difference that the vessel is already provided for. Having a skilled second captain which whom one can alternate in difficult moments will provide the optimal secure setting for many aspiring or recently graduated skippers.