Bareboat Charter

The most straightforward charter available on KaterBlue is the bareboat charter; a nautical term which simply refers to a rented boat or yacht without captain or crew, meant to be controlled by the renter (charterer). A bareboat charter is based on a contract between the boat owner and the boat user, both having some responsibilities. The owner must make sure that the boat is insured and seaworthy. The user, in turn, must be fully qualified to be behind the helm and take full responsibility for the boat and those people on it for the type of boat in question, in accordance with local regulations. He must also be insured to use the boat. Moreover, if the user takes his own crew aboard, he must make sure that all are sufficiently experienced and qualified as well. The responsibility for the safe return of the boat and the crew lies fully in the hands of the boat user.

There is a large variety of offers that connects seamlessly with the broad range of demands of the boat users. Some users want to take out their spouse on a romantic afternoon trip on the water, some prefer a lads fishing trip, others prepare and pack for an adventurous journey of several weeks, hopping from harbor to harbor. Indifferent of the time and finances on your hands, indifferent of the preferred type of boat – a sloop, a ketch, a catamaran, a motor yacht or a super yacht - KaterBlue has the perfect bareboat for everyone.